Cindy G.

Mixed Media Artist and Art Journaler



Daisy Doodles - Pattern Design 1 Workshop Project

April 2016

Daisy Doodles - Pattern Design 1 Workshop Project

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be here. Even though I have played around a little with patterns, I am a beginner to pattern design. I have been wanting to explore pattern design in more detail and thought this workshop would be a great push to learn more.

MOOD BOARD - Phase 1


I love creating quirky whimsical art and I am looking forward to learning how to transfer some of my art into patterns.

I will be working on a pattern incorporating my love of vintage and flower doodles.

Brainstorming words:

vintage: whimsical: bright: fun: happy: imperfect: colorful: quirky: modern twist: retro

SKETCHES - Phase 2


Pencil sketches - I had so much fun sketching once I let go and just started doodling.


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