Dainius Vitkauskas Keywords


Description: Total solar eclipse showing the sun moving behind the moon in 4K

Keywords: moon, black, astronomy, eclipse, solar, beautiful, sun, total, full, cosmos, planet, star, bright, natural, light, space, flare, ring, shadow, science, sphere, sunlight, circle, nature, dark, lunar, power, sunbeam, phenomenon, energy, astrophysical, universe, august 21, solar eclipse, cosmic, galaxy, eclipse 2017, partial, lens flare

Dainius Vitkauskas Keywords - image 1 - student project


Description: Winding dirt road through green conifer forest in aerial drone shot

Keywords: winding, dirt, gravel, road, roadway, forest, woods, woodland, pine, conifer, tree, aerial, drone, birds eye, high angle view, aircraft point of view, no people, nobody, nature, landscape, environment, empty, beautiful, green, outdoor, day, daylight, countryside, idyllic, wilderness, drive, curve

Dainius Vitkauskas Keywords - image 2 - student project


Description: Colourful scene with bumblebee on a lavender plant in light breeze.

Keywords: Bumblebee, bee, lavender, plant, bush, flower, purple, green, colourful, breeze, windy, violet, beautiful, beauty, wild, wildlife, close-up, closeup, macro, nectar, animal, insect, summer, blossom, natural, nature, herb, herbal, honey, nectar

Dainius Vitkauskas Keywords - image 3 - student project