Yu Dilys Sun (The Optips)

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DailyGram - a thought sharing and management website

Daily Gram is a thought sharing and moment capturing website that allows you to store snippets of thoughts and share it anonymously; which in turn allows you to see the state of other internet netizen's mind maps. 

Watch a demo here on Youtube

I have had a bit experience with HTML and CSS before, so I mainly focused on building a website, a usable prototype, which i started just two days ago, and got a thorough dosage of hackthon like intensity and excitement with very little sleep.

I learnt a lot about the potential of rails. Despite having gems available, the microblogging turns out to be a bit harder to build than I imagined, I had to use multiple customization, customized code, DB modification, and even a separate gem for the comments function. It took me around the entire journey of MVC for sure. Twitter isn't so easy to do after all. If I know JSON, life would have been better maybe.

That was fun

Github https://github.com/theoptips/omrails.git

Heroku http://glacial-fortress-1578.herokuapp.com/


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