Daily practice makes... an artist!

Daily practice makes... an artist! - student project

Hi, Ria!

Thank you so much for this class. I have also told myself all those lies to prevent me from just making art, but this was the year I decided to just forget about everything and draw.

I am married and have 3 kids, so time is a precious commodity in my life right now. Nevertheless, I found that I can make art in whatever brief gaps I can manage between chores, and I see that my skills have greatly improved in the last months just by using what I have at hand.

I used to draw all the time as a kid, I even made T-shirts to give friends with their 'story' drawn as a comic strip when I was in high school. But then, I don't know why, I just stopped drawing and making art. I have tried to do a lot of things as a profession, but nothing seemed to be right. So, in the last couple of years art started to come back to me as an option, I found myself longing for drawing but, out of fear, I stopped myself with all those questions you mentioned in the video. This year, I "snapped out of it" and just began (again). :)

So, after this not-so-brief story about myself (sorry for that!), here's my first project:

Day #1:

Daily practice makes... an artist! - image 1 - student project

for this one, since I do have a lot of art materials and they're all scattered around my desk, I thought the most 'random' thing to do was to ask my sweet 7-year-old daughter to pick something for me to draw with. she chose the box of Prismacolors, and I then asked her to pick two colors for me. for the subject, I also asked her to choose, and she picked her favorite thing at the moment: cats. :)

Day #2:

Daily practice makes... an artist! - image 2 - student project

for this project, something interesting happened: I caught myself in the act of procrastinating because I didn't want to create the bowl with all the prompts. I was thinking that I don't have time for that, that my desk is already clustered as it is, that I'd do it later... and then it hit me: "stop making excuses and just think of a prompt!". So, I did: fruits. This time, I used a dip pen with ink for the outlines and Prismacolor pencils to color them. (It's so much fun to use white pencil on kraft paper!)

Day #3:

Daily practice makes... an artist! - image 3 - student project

for this project, I was very lazy but didn't let that stop me from making art. I rolled the virtual dice and got 5", picked a prompt from your list (sea creature), Googled it, and found this little guy, called Axolotl. So, to change things a bit I went to my watercolor sketchbook and paints, and ended up with this.

Marina Kater

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