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Daily creative zap

I really really badly want to be an awesome blogger. Considering that I am in a job which I dont particulary love , I pursue creative hobbies like web design, illustration and now BLOGGINGkeeps me sane and also at the same helps me channelise my creative juices. So with introduction out of the way ..... lets get started with the project .. shall we.

purpose : 
to build an authority blog on design, subject matter expert, affiliate marketing, making money, become a better writer, outlet for your creativity, get freelance work, improve my english, build new connections, get a job, pass time, establish a niche

audience :
demographics :  working professionals interested in design,  students, beginner web designers, beginner illustrators, age 20-28, artists, 

physchographics : working professionals looking to make some extra money, startups looking to get cheap work done, design students who are struggling,

persona :  a passionate working professional who is not able to make meaning via his 9to5 job who seeks intelectual stimulation post his work. who is creative but his job doesn’t allow him to be , he who is willing to work towards his improvement and wants an avenue for letting out his creativity.

Style : creative, shareable, good quality, actionable, quirky.

s : specific.
m : measurable
a : appropriate
r : realisitc
t : time bound

build a mailing list of 1000 persons around my niche of daily intelectual food for the brain of working professionals that will help them focussed and energetic,

brand statement :
daily creative zap is an actionable and quirky blog focussed on providing content about passion projects, design, online education, coding ec for uninspired working professionals feeling stuck in the 9 to 5 rut, startup enthusiasts, designers so that we can provide them creative energy to lead a more satisfying life.

why are we doing this :

purpose 1, purpose 2, purpose3, purpose 4

by putting in the effort to develop quality content , we plan to 

Gola1, goal2, goal3, goal4

content pillars : 

1. engagement : freelancing workflows, share your inspiration to leave your job, short tutorials on illustrator
2. evergreen : self help articles on freelancing, attitude, management and creativity, design theory
3. events : design conferences, webinars, 

building my content calendar.

i have used trello lists as months and individual posts as cards and have included a progress chart in each card

how often to post

I will post twice a week

Content channels

twitter, buffer, instagram, quora, 


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