Daily art: trees

Daily art: trees - student project

Daily art: trees - image 1 - student projectDaily art: trees - image 2 - student projectDaily art: trees - image 3 - student projectDaily art: trees - image 4 - student project14 days painting trees, branches and twigs.

My chosen method is wet-on-wet watercolour. Here's my first attempt.

Daily art: trees - image 5 - student projectdrawing 2 is a hawthorn trunk in my garden. Lots of spiral curves, I'd like to try this in watercolour.

drawing 3 is a riverbank; it's on the wrong paper for watercolour but after sketching I wanted to add colour. Many lessons from painting en plain air: fix the paper in place, use watercolour paper.

painting 4 is an acrylic, trying to capture a waterfall with mossy roots

Daily art: trees - image 6 - student projectpainting 5 is an attempt to explore thresholds and go underwater.

I've been interested int he microplastics that enter the river during storms and in 'treated outflows from sewage works so drawing 6 is a metal door over an outflow pipe that opens on rainy days.

Nigel Smith
craft stop motion animator