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Daily activity + CV badges


I am not sure how this usually work, so I just do it :-)

When I think at series of badges i think about an artwork which is descriptive or informative on a specific subject. So I excluded thigs like: type of cheese, type of susagges or this kind of things, because I think they would be better developed as icons than as badges.

I would like more to tell a story or be educational or illustrate a routine. So after the mind mapping I came up with 2 themes/ideas:


Badges describing daily activities for kids: wake up, have breakfast, brush your teeth, go to school, play, etc. I like the idea of using badges to teach a routine.


My CV in badges. It seem recruites have never time to read CV or cover letters, so i though would be a nice idea to use badges to comunicate: informations about work experience, skills, education, but also to comunicate a feeling even before the reader starts actually reading.

I will now work on some sketches on those 2 themse and see were they will take me.

If you have and feedback already please let me know :-)

Working on those 2 ideas was good to understand what i was really intrested to: routine and lists.

I tend to keep all my stuff kind of organized and I am always looking for routines, lists and methods. I have different bags which contains the objects needed for a specific activity.

I will make badges to show the content of every bag. I started drawing the objects by hand.


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