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Sabrina Zupko

Graphic Designer



Daily Word Doodles

Day 10

I chose to do variation 2 and doodle all of the words. Some are better than others. For sardonic, the word means cynical, but I wasn't sure how to doodle that, so I went with sardines and -onic (acidic). Although I think -onic is mostly for sugary acids, I thought of acids as the stuff that will melt off your face. 


Day 9

I chose saponification anthracitic. Saponification is one process of making soap, so I started the doodle with soap. Anthracitic is a coal that burns with little flame or smoke, but for the sake of the doodle, I gave the soap a lot of badly doodled flames. Basically, the soap is suppose to be burning and melting. Regardless of how the doodle looks, my brain is now in overdrive and I learned two new words. Not a bad way to start the day!


Day 8

The word combos were crazy. I had lots of ideas, but only one that I felt I could actually get onto paper. I chose staggers cetorhinus. Cetorhinus is a type of shark. I invisioned a staggering drunk shark. 


Day 7

I chose ipecac for Day 7. It might be nasty stuff, but it does save lives. 


Day 6

I missed Day 6, so I am just continuing on as if I didn't miss a day. 

For Day 6, I chose the word taxodium. There are a lot of swampy areas here with Cyprus trees like this. My tree and aligator look ridiculous. 


Day 5

For Day 5, I chose the word amelia. I couldn't help but think of Amelia Earhart. 


Day 4

For Day 4, I chose the word day. I thought about my typical workday. It doesn't seem very glamorous, but I love it.


Day 3

For the time, I selected 8ish am. This is when I come in to work and start on the project. It is a good time to get the creative juices flowing. 

For Day 3, I chose the word delicious. I thought about the joy of a child on her tip toes trying to look at the delicious food on the table. 


Day 2

For Day 2, I chose the word defacement. I'm happier with today's doodles. 


Day 1

For Day 1, I chose the word odor. When considering this word, I thought about things that stink. Honestly, I am a bit embarassed by my doodles, but I am following the rules and sharing.



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