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Daily Sketchbook?

Day 1 - This video came up as "recommended" for me. I try not to look at the recommended videos because I have 4 open classes I'm working through and about 100 saved that I really want to get to. But this one was only 30 minutes. Plues, I do art every day, but I'm struggling with developing a style, which I think I need since I'm starting a business and what my consistent practice ought to look like. Well now I have 5 open classes! And because Ria talked about letting go of creating your style and letting it come to you, I'm hooked. If you can't tell, one of my issues is taking on too many things at once.

Mark making - hmmm. I have a tendency to pull out a ton of supplies and then feel overwhelmed and crowded. If Ria can make cool patterns with just a fork and paint, I can choose only one tool. Or can I?...


 Almost! I grabbed an old yarn bobbin and my distressed ink pads. And because it's distressed ink, I grabbed a waterbrush I haven't used before with a wide flat head.

I stamped across one page and then stamped and rolled across the other page for two different looks.


Then I added water.




Day 1 complete. But I'm traveling later this week, so I might miss a few days. 

Day 2 - I don't know what to draw! I really don't. My prompt was more confusing than my blank page - Childhood Found. Ummm. Okay, but I didn't cheat and put it back. I just moved really fast and tried to think what would I tell my younger self... You Are Enough. How do I draw that?.........crickets.


I used distress ink pads again with the flat brush. To know you are enough, you have to feel loved, so I drew hearts. The letters are darker because I wanted them to feel more forceful. I like the spikes coming out of the Y. I feel like it shows resistance to believing we're good enough. The letters get softer as you move through the phrase, as we start being nicer to ourselves and loving ourselves. I was going to define the hearts with a grey brush pen, but I decided not to overthink it and left it alone.

Day 3 - Three minutes to draw faces? OMG. First, I can't draw a face. Second, three minutes can't really be enough time for me to make something other people would recognize. But I'm going to take a deep breath and go for it.


Three minutes goes so fast! Okay, so these aren't great, but I'm happy that they actually look like faces! I only looked at the timer a couple of times. I didn't have time to agonize over the time or what to draw. I used a pigma 05 pen.

Day 4 - You really can sketch anywhere. I did the little cootie catcher and was going to sketch in my hammock. I was trying to get it done before going out of town. But when my friend got home after a 24-hour shift, I wanted to spend time with him. So I crawled in bed and sketched while he dozed so I could be near him. I added the lines I wanted to put on Day 2's sketch. It seemed too soft and needed something to anchor it.


Day 5 - I had soooo much fun with this class! I am definitely learning to relax and stop judging myself. What I made today came so much easier and faster than it would have a few days ago. Thank you, Ria! 



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