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Daily Sketchbook

February: Embrace Your Art Challenge

My restriction is/was: Anatomy (I desperately need to work on it.)

I was really excited about doing another monthly challenge because I had had such a great time doing the November challenge. However, I've had a mental block for a while now that I can't seem to work through. I'm having a difficult time coming up with ideas for the provided prompts. I'm so behind I don't know if I'll finish up the month in time, but atleast wanted to share the few drawings I've completed. I have picked up a couple of anatomy books to help me though. Hopefully, March will be a better month for me in all aspects of life. =)


Day 1: Roots
Going back to basics with anatomy and starting with the head/face


Day 2: Place
I've always felt most at peace or safe stargazing from the trunk of my car. Just breathing in the night air and gazing up at all the stars is very calming.


Day 3: Music
My current favorite song is Lost Boy by Ruth B. I'm a sucker for Peter Pan and the story of never growing up. The song just takes me back to playing pretend. 


Day 5: Shadow
Shadow = shadow puppets, of course. ;)


Day 6: Comfort
I find comfort with my pets. 


My name is Tiffany. I'm a graphic designer who is trying to improve my skillset. I've started many classes on skillshare but cannot bring myself to finish any of them. I want to improve my drawing skills, but I'm finding I'm terrified of just starting. Drawing used to be a great outlet for stress and whatnot, but now work has gotten in the way and I've let my drawing go to the side. I'm hoping this class will help me get over my fears and excuses and help me start creating again. Also when I finish this class, maybe I can finally finish all the other ones I've started. =)


Day 1

Recently bought a variety pack of Pigma pens and so that's what I randomly chose from. I chose the brush pen. 


Day 2 (So behind on posting. Goodness. Apologies!)

This is done with Pigma Pen 03. I drew favorite things as my prompt. I started looking around my room for what I should draw for my favorite things and it ended up being a mix between favorite things and things in front of me. =) My favorite part was probably getting into a groove. It wasn't until I started doing the swirl pattern at the bottom that I really started flowing. The swirls are my go to doodle to clear my mind. 


Day 3

I had one minute to draw a character with my copic marker (decided to add a little color). I always enjoyed the gesture drawing exercises we had to do in school. This was very reminiscent of that. =) 


Day 4

It's been a while since I've made a paper fortune teller and I'm just as terrible at folding paper as I was when I was little. haha. Anyways, I picked the living room. Instead of picking from the magic bowl, I went to Sketch Dailies for my prompt and today's subject was good ole Bluto from Popeye. He's done in mechanical pencil. I was sitting on the couch with my dog by my side. At first it was a bit of an adjustment getting settled when your dog is right there beside you. But eventually I found my groove and Bluto came into focus. =) It was a nice change of pace to create in a place that is normally for watching television or napping. 


Day 5

I pulled leaves as my prompt. Fall is my favorite season so I pulled out the copic markers and had some fun with colors. I also drew the number 7 from my second magic bowl. I will be making art for 7 more days, but hopefully I will be able to continue well past that.


Day ( I honestly don't know because I've lost count =/ )

I went to practice lines and then the curve lines took a turn so I thought I'd share. =)



Nov. 1: Fall

Fall means colder weather, big sweaters and scarves, boots, Halloween, falling leaves, big piles of leaves, pumpkins, and hot apple cider. Fall is probably my favorite time of year even if I only get two weeks of it here in the south. =) It's just a cozy time of year without being obnoxious like Winter tends to be. 


Nov. 2: Gourds

My papaw used to make birdhouses out of gourds so I thought it'd be fun to play with all the different shapes and incorporate some birds as well. 



Nov. 3: Colors

I've been watching a lot of speedpaints and copic tutorial videos on youtube. I need to practice a lot more. The first photo is the result of practicing blending colors. The second photo, I decided to start coloring the drawing I did for November 1st. The paper isn't the right paper for the ink so staying inside the lines ended up being a joke, but it doesn't look that bad. ;) 


Nov. 4: Hay

My mind immediately went to the three little pigs. I told my mom my originally idea and then she told me it was a straw house not hay. I'm also a huge fan of Psych (go watch it on Netflix if you haven't already) and one of their big quotes is "I've heard it both ways." There you have it. Backstory on this fun little piece. 


Nov. 5: Feast

Huge fan of Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Hart and in her most recent episode she said "Being grateful. The feast you can do." It just kind of hit pretty hard. Drunk people can be very insightful sometimes. ;) So let your heart feast upon giving thanks and being grateful for what you have. 


Nov. 6: Bon Fire

I'm not going to lie, this one had me stumped. I played with color. 


Nov 7: Home

Filled all those lovely cliches and little sketches of what makes me feel most at home or relaxed and takes the stress away. It says "Home is where the heart is and my heart is with...disney, drawing, blogilates, puppies (pets), family, and friends." Inside the house it reads "[Home] is more than a building. It's a feeling." I'm not feeling too great today so filled cliches and cheesy feelings. =)


Nov. 8: Gathering

Fall squirrels are notorious for gathering pasteries, according to Matt Bellassai and his Whine About It rants. This one can be found in "The Worst Things About Fall" episode.


Nov. 9: Seasons

My favorite season is Halloween. I hate horror, but I love all the fantastical things that come with the season. Besides who doesn't love dressing up and getting free candy.


Nov. 10: Chill

I went with the stress free kind of chill. Taking a nap in a hammock on the beach sounds pretty amazing right about now. 


Nov. 11: Tea

So many ways to have tea. I've done Long Island Iced Tea, Sweet Tea, and then your more traditional tea. =)


Nov. 12: Apples

Played with colors this time around


Nov. 13: Leaves

The best thing about fall is jumping in a big pile of leaves.


Nov. 14: Acorn

My mind immediately when to Peter Pan and their kisses. An acorn and a thimble.


Nov. 15: Socks

Huge fan of Pixar and Monster's Inc. Went with the "2319!" scene from the movie. =)


Nov. 16: Boots

Meet Boots! 

I was going to draw a pair of boots until I saw my Boxtroll Pop! figures and decided to go that direction instead. I still want a boxtroll of my own. 


Nov. 17: Family

"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind... or forgotten." Lilo and Stitch


Nov. 18: Park

My favorite thing to do at the park is swing. =)


Nov. 19: Spice

Went with Spice Girls. My favorite was Sporty Spice. She was everything I wasn't and I loved her. I also really need to work on anatomy and perspective. Goodness.


Nov. 20: Pie

I like my pie served with a side of pun! ;)


Nov. 21: Cabin

I'm not a big cabin person nor am I big on drawing buildings, but here we are.


Nov. 22: Scarf

Nothing beats a nice fluffy infinity scarf. =)


Nov. 23: Still

Pilates, stretching, yoga always clear my head of all the anxieties and stresses the day may bring. I've been trying to make it more of a priority lately for both my physical and mental health. Here's a gesture sketch of the teaser. 


Nov. 24: Snuggle

Bear wrapped up in a blanket. =)


Nov. 25: Hat

Inspired by Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet. Gave a couple of my hats personalities and it took a turn. 


Nov. 26: Warmth

A nice cup of hot chocolate. 


Nov. 27: Coat

Love peacoats. =)


Nov. 28: Lanterns

Floating lanterns done with Copics.


Nov. 29: Full

After a full day, it's nap time. =)


Nov. 30: Giving Thanks

How the Giving Tree should've happened.


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