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Daily Sketchbook Adventures

I'm enjoying this class project very much as a return to the arts after a very long time. Lack of materials has been one of my big excuses, so I've filled a little war chest witch should hold up for the next couple of weeks.

For Day 1 I sketched some flowers , even though we were only supposed to use one material, we we're also instucted to stop when we felt it was finished. I didn't feel  it was finished till after applying some pastels and pen.


For Day 2 I pulled the "fashion" tab out of the choice bowl. I was dreading this since for me humans are the hardest thing to draw. My first attempt was very poor, but a great reminder that I don't need to work from memory. For the second attempt a magazine served as a great model and I was a lot more satisfied with the results from the graphite pencil (and a smidge of white pastel) sketch.


For Day 3 (which I am uploading a day late because I had no time... I know, I know), I pulled "houses" from the magic bowl and rolled 6 minutes to draw them in. I drew a small, cool greoup of seaside houses. Six minutes was just enough time to get the main details in. I decided to practice my watercolors and filled the details in.


And as a little extra I also did some automatic doodling and also painted it in with watercolors.


Day 4 found me making a pencil sketch while waiting for one of my kids to come out of school. I have mixed feelings about it... Some of it I love, other parts I'm tempted to take an eraser to. I will probably come back to it at some point.


For Day 5 my assignment has been to do seven days of sketching. To be honest, some days were easier than others, and I really needed to come back to the message than art could be made for art's sake and not just for perfection. 















This class and project were very interesting and enlightning, I'm looking forward to continuing to work on my art practive and participating in the 30 day November sketch challenge.

November 30 Day Challenge

Day 1 Fall For me fall means Day of the Dead and "papel picado".


Day 2 Gourds 


Day 3 Colors 

I couldn't posibly pick out a single color, so I did a watecolor galaxy. In both spirituality and science we find that we are all made of the same bits and piecesas the stars in the sky, and they burn the color they do because of their composition. The photo doesn't really do it justice but the writing reads "We are all made of stars." The lettering and some of the details on the stars are silver sharpie.


Day 4 Feast How much we have ia all about perspective! This sketch was done with pencils. I think it would make a great greeting card with a little more work.


Day 5 Hay It tooke me a good while to come up with an idea for this subject. I'm a bit of a city girl and didn't want to just draw a stack of hay with an arrow pointing out a needle. Finally an idea came to me, animals being fed hay! It is not my best work by a long shot but it was a fun excercise on getting an idea from a mental image to an actual sketch on paper.


Day 6 Bonfire Watercolors


Day 7 Home I did this one as a simple pencil sketch while waiting to pick up my kids. Will make a larger version in future.


Day 8 Gathering  I wanted to try something a littl e whimsical so I thought about things that go well together. Peanut butter an jelly sandwhich!  Unfortunately I left my sketchbook unattended for a moment and it met with reinterpretation by toddler


Oh well. What better excuse to start on a bigger and better version? Righ? Right? 



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