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Daily Pen & Watercolor Sketches - March 2016


Day 30:  Contents of...My desk drawer

I am not the happiest with how this turned out but I did feel go into working on this project with the attitude of keeping my work simple and loose.  I realize that my paper clips are out of proportion in comparison to the other objects:( oh well, fun exercise anyway!


Day 29:  Toiletries

My trusty toothpaste and toothbrush:) I really need to purchase a white paint pen so I can finish this up. It's missing the Arm and Hammer lettering on the red ring. Also, I realized after the fact that I messed up by not painting the sink in this sketch.  The toothpaste was partially hanging over my sink so that is why the shadow doesn't go all the way up on the toothpaste tube.  Oh well, fun exercise anyway! Maybe I can go back and add the sink in later as well...


Day 28:  Transportation

My husband's main hobby is golfing so we have a golf cart. This saves him a lot of time and energy on the course and they are just plain fun to just take a ride around in on a nice day as well!


Day 27:  Cafes or Stores

Recently I made a trip to The Bluebird Cafe a local, pure and natural farm-to-table restaurant in Kentucky. This is an inside view.  The place has a vintage, artsy coffee shop feel to it and I felt right at home there! The art pieces on the walls looked like original pieces but the place was super busy so I didn't get a chance to check those out close up. They also had the best strawberry tea I've ever tasted!


Day 25:  Old Things

I'm a little behind but hopefully I can get caught up soon! I love old things. They tell a story. I couldn't decide what to sketch since I had several options available for this prompt--old books that were worn, faded and frayed in the church library, telegraphs and old pics from the 1800's that I found in a drawer of a piece of furniture that was left in a garage that we bought beside of our home.  I settled on using a picture that my husband had of his grandmother's old coins (she collects antiques of all sorts) and she wanted him to try find out how much they might be worth.  One of the coins was from 1889 and the other from the early1900s. The one from 1889 was quite grimy while the one from the 1900s was a lot cleaner in appearance.  There was ground in dirt on and around the ladies' face on the earlier dated coin...so much that you couldn't see the full shape of the stars around the rim area of the coin. There were also pits on the surface of the coin...all these characteristics giving the coins much character.

Also, I had taken a picture of an old, worn chain that belongs to the church where I work. The pastor had asked that it be thrown away since it had tears in the seat and one on the arm.  I had snapped a picture of it thinking my husband might like to have it as a spare piece of furniture for his man cave.  The chair is made out of shiny,burgundy leather.




Day 24:  Furniture

My husband's family has owned several mom and pop shoe stores for years.  This fitting stool was something they have held on to since I'm guessing probably the 70's (it has a yellowish-orange colored leather/pleather-ish blotchy looking upholestry on top and, needless to say, it's pretty old)!  My husband and I thing it's pretty cool though in a retro/antique sort of way! Now it sits in our bedroom and our little dog uses it as a stepping stool so she can get to us when we are lounging/relaxing in bed:)  

I pulled out my India inks and mixed them with water to paint the upholestry on top of the stool.  I believe that the India ink has given a more vivid color than my panned watercolor yellow and oranges could have provided.  I'm thinking I may need to invest in some tube watercolors for future projects.  I believe that I could get more vivid color results with tubed watercolor.  Does anyone find that to be the case?  


Day 22:  Texture

I was thinking food when presented with this challenge--here's a quick sketch of a broccoli floret.


Day 21:  Desserts

It's a blueberry cupcake...mmmm...and now I think I could use a snack:)


Day 20:  Patterns

This little tote was a gift that my sister-in-law had embrodiered with my initials... 



Day 18:  Bag

This bag was a Christmas gift.  The texture on the outside is ostrich skin. A new purse was on my Christmas list since my old smaller purse seemed to start overflowing..lol.  Santa was good to me this past year!



Day 17:  Flowers

This is my depicton of my office plant (Anthurium) that was gifted to me by my boss and it is the best plant I think I have ever owned.  It's very low maintenance and it is continually getting new blooms on it and has grow tremendously even since I snapped this pic of it last year.  It is very beautiful with its bright red blooms and vivid yellow centers.

Day 16:  Animals

This is my depiction of my favorite four-legged friend & fur baby, Josey (named after my husband's favorite tv character, Josey Wales). My husband and I are both huge dog lovers and she is the second yorkie pet that my husband and I have taken in.  She is absolutely spoiled rotten but we wouldn't have it any other way--she is very near and dear to our hearts!


Day15:  Stranger 

Well, she's a stranger but she came from Google. It took me a couple of tries here to get her chin line and hair line figured out below but here she is:) Used a couple of different sized Prismacolor markers to try and make a distinction between my highlights and shadows.  I wouldn't mind to try drawing her again going easy on the ink and coloring her in and making shadows with the watercolors of maybe I'll just add color to this one for practice...

Enjoying this class so much! Viewing everyone's work is inspiring and an awesome way to learn and Elisa's teaching style is so great! Although I have limited time to sketch and paint on the weekdays I look forward to getting each day's assignment/challenge:)


Day 11:  Vegetable

(Now I am backtracking in random order to try and finish up projects that I missed before entering the class:)




Day 8:  Shoes


Day 7:  Drink

I love soft drinks! Mountain Dew is one of my favorites when I need a "pick me up".  The form is a little off but I'm posting this anyway:)


Day 4:  Building (sketched on 4/7/16)

An old house downtown...



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