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Daily Morning Ritual of Exercise for Vitality

Habit Personality Type

I am a Type 2 Questioner (but the quiz said I was slightly more of an Upholder)

What's that mean? Your curious attitude and open-mindedness will serve you very well in understanding the factors that drive your new habit, but be careful not to let your inner critic run rampant. Pay special attention to:

  • Writing implementation intentions that you actually believe in, instead of conforming to expectations that you will later rebel against (Implementation Intentions lesson)
  • Crafting well-reasoned closers to answer your internal doubts (Closers lesson)
  • Tracking incomplete days so you can indulge your analytical tendencies (Habit Tracking lesson)
  • Closely evaluating your results so you clearly see the benefits (or lack thereof) (Evaluating Results lesson)

Why sign up?

I am looking for a framework to implement so that I can feel achievement toward my goals, especially every morning, before the "day gets away from me." It is very important to me that my actions align as closely as possible to my values and goals, instead of having my actions needlessly or mindlessly becoming something different.

I am most proud of...

...committing to one-a-week strength training. I have been able to construct the habit in a way where I get tangible results, I make the right level of commitment (i.e., realistic), I incrementally improve over a long period of time and I stick to it.

New Keystone Habit!

Spend 3 to 10 minutes, as soon as I wake, on a morning ritual of exercise that focuses on dynamic movements and full body and mind vitality so that I can begin my day the way I would like to: positively and energetically!

Whats the Trigger?

Waking up. My stop loss is after taking a shower.

What's my Reward?

Strike a VICTORY! pose in the mirror. Check into the Lift app

How Will I Remember?

Place a towel on the floor next to my bed, which I will have to step on as I get up, to remind me to exercise.

Implementation Intention:

When I wake, I will begin my daily exercise ritual because I value and respect the gift each day gives us.

Small Wins

  1. 10 minutes of exercise
  2. 5 minutes of exercise
  3. 3 minutes of exercise
  4. Stand up and stretch to the sky and touch the floor
  5. 5 breathes, counting to 10 on each inhale/exhale


  • First things first.
  • Every day is every day: 1% better every day to improve my average speed
  • Dont let perfect be the enemy of the good.
  • Real work comes before make-work.
  • I can always re-start to create a positive chain of events if I get off track.
  • When in doubt, count to 5 and start again.

The whole shebang...


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