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Jhenn Whalen

Without struggle, there can be no progress.



Daily Illustrations/Meditations

Hello, Everyone!

I love the philosophy of this class; creating art everyday. I'm hoping to break out of my comfort zone a bit, be challanged by prompts I wouldn't have thought of, and be inspired by my peers.

I'm a tinkerer of different mediums, but pictured below is my main arsenal:


  • Sketchbook
  • Ink Brush Pen
  • Water Pen
  • Fountain Pen
  • Micron Pen
  • White Gel Pen
  • Mechanical Pencil
  • White Gouache (better for getting gradations and opaque whites)
  • Windser & Newton Pocket WaterColor Set
  • Binder Clip (helpful for keeping your sketchbook open)
  • Kneaded Eraser

My current sketchbook is full of mistakes and abandoned ideas, but it's important to me I finally fill the entirety of a sketchbook. Too often, I'm disappointed by my work, rip out pages, and feel like the book has lost potential because of a few failures. So it sits on my shelf, gathering dust, and I acquire a new book. I'm embarassed to say how many of these I have. But no amount of shiny new books with infinite possibility will help with skills and practice, so I'm completing this one before moving on, failures and all. Please feel free to leave me comments/questions. I will keep updating and I look forward to seeing everyone elses' work.

Day I: You Have Everything You Need. Pencil, watercolor, and white gouache. 

When in doubt, start with what you know. I love observational drawing, and coffee, so my local coffee shop is one of my favorite places to sketch.


Day II: What To Make (Go Outside). Sepia ink, water, and white ink. 

I really liked this prompt - Sketched the little shops by my house.


Day III: But I Don't Have Time. (Open A Book). White, brown, and red conte crayon. 

Intrigued by the 'open a book and choose a catching phrase' suggestion, I pulled out Marisha Pessls' Special Topics in Calamity Physics, page 224 and chose "The insects themselves were her in many ways - glorious, heartbreakingly fragile." I'm not sure why I chose conte crayons, except that I've seen some beautiful work done with it by others. They're thick and clumsy, but nice for gesture work. Too soft for precision, which is a good challange for my obsession over clean lines.


Day IV: But I Don't Have Space. Pencil, white ink. 

Finally using the magic bowl, I pulled out 'What's in Front of Me,' so I chose a picture of my sweatie looking ornery and broody. I simply can't stay away from portraiture >< I'm very fortunate that, since I've just moved, I finally do have a space all my own to do work, music and art in. But Ria is absolutely right; the best thing about sketchbooks is you can take them anywhere, and having a dedicated space doesn't ensure you'll actually use it. 

At the risk of getting a little preachy, I wanted to address some comments I've gotten about my work quality. I've had more time than most with these daily sketches because I've been in an employment transition for some time. Just remember, however talented, self-assured, or put together someone seems, everyone is facing their own battles and everyone here has come for the same thing: improvement. 



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