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Daily Illustrations

So I gathered my art-making tools, put them in a mug, closed my eyes...


...and the first thing I chose was the feather. HA. I've certainly never used a feather to paint before, but it actually worked out a little better than expected. So without further ado, here's Day 1:


I love the texture of the red tentacles. I'm probably going to use a feather in the future to create that texturing effect again!

Day 2:

I picked a pen nib, so ink it is! Then I randomly picked "birds" as my subject...


Day 3:

I sketched this in 5 minutes. I...think it looks like a cactus, haha. :3


Day 4:

I forgot to post this and Day 5 on the days I did them, oops!

Anyhoo...I made my own fortune teller with origami paper because my printer is out of ink. I ended up picking "coffee shop," so I stopped by my local one after work and drew this weird little guy.


I actually made him for Jesse LeDoux's class, Building Character 1: Design and Sketch Your Character. We were told to write down three descriptors for ourselves to base our character on, and I've been feeling tired, anxious, and determined (despite the first two things) lately, so those were the words I chose. Drawing him was a little cathartic, though, so that's good. I think he's pretty cute. ;]

Day 5:

The number I randomly picked was 5, so I'll be posting for 4 more days. I wasn't sure what to draw, so I randomly picked a prompt and got "rocks."


Day 6:

I'm going to paint these tomorrow. :)


Day 7:


Day 8:

Just some character practice. 


Day 9:

Last day! :)



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