Daily Illustrated Journaling

Daily Illustrated Journaling - student project

Daily Illustrated Journaling - image 1 - student project

Day 1: 

Recently I've been really into  The Black Album by Jay-Z, not sure why but I can't stop listening to "Lucifer."  As a budding creative this was a surprisingly challenging album cover to illustrate with all of the different shades of gray and black, hopefully I did it justice.  If not:

please blame it on the son of the morning, thanks again.


Just kidding, if I suck it's not Lucifer's fault, I just need a bit more practice is all ;)

Daily Illustrated Journaling - image 2 - student projectDay 2:

My garden is my refuge most of the time but this year it's been especially important.  Not only is it a great source for fresh veggies but it's a wonderful escape from the noise of the world.  

I learned just how long it takes to start a full grown sweet-pepper plant from seed this year, so I am learning about winterizing plants to help perennialize my babies this year!   Fingers crossed for an enormous pepper harvest in 2021! 


Unfortunately, to prolong the life of my pepper plants I had to prune most of the leaves and all of the fruit off.  It was devastating.  (Fortunately I'm already seeing signs of re-growth of leaves, hopefully I won't F*@# this up). 


Daily Illustrated Journaling - image 3 - student project

Day 3: I'm totally clueless with water colors but I feel determined to master them! (Or at least determined to understand them a little better and kinda/sorta get them to do the things I make up in my mind.)  This prompt was really cool because of the suggestion to use only 2 colors.  It was a challenge but I think it definitely made me a bit more creative with the 2 colors that I finally settled on and it's something that I look forward to trying out a bit more in the future :)  I even tried to do justice to all of the random paint stains/splashes all over my pallet, not sure if it comes across though.  


Daily Illustrated Journaling - image 4 - student project

Day 4: Latest Reading Material

Currently my kindle is full of romance titles I've borrowed from the library.  The one physical book I've actually been making my way through is Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew as I try to plan out next year's garden a little more thoughtfully (my squash ate up the space for most of my plants this year-so sad).  Gardening and fluffy romance novels are what keep me sane in times of high stress (hello year 2020).  

Regretting my dark blue color choice, it kind of got all over the place while I colored and made this splotchy mess from my hand getting dirty.  Oh well, like Dylan says, practicing here is a great way to learn for future  projects.  :)

Daily Illustrated Journaling - image 5 - student projectDay 5: Ingredients to My Mess

This has been on my desk top every day of this week.  Even though all of these things have their own place (thanks Marie Kondo) I never take the time to put them back there at the end of the night because I'm usually squeezing out 5 more minutes to checkout everyone's projects. I love this workshop, not only am I growing creatively I'm learning a ton of stuff totally not related on a daily basis.  (Honey bees have 5 eyes?! Pineapple eats me while I eat it?! Mind blown.) 

There's more, I can't fit it all on the paper though, and editing all of my fun messy items was a bit tough, and basically went with where my eye fell first. Guess I'm just obsessed with art supplies, stationary, and coffee.    The 2 color limit definitely stretches the creativity and forces me to think a little more carefully about when and how I put things on the page.  My ink brush pen is by Pigma, and I've never been good with it.  I'm challenging myself to practice more with it rather than my hard tipped Fudenosuke's from Tombow.  

Daily Illustrated Journaling - image 6 - student projectDay 6: Daily Routine

Not sure what I was thinking but decided to try out my first ever set of tube water colors today.  Eeh, it's Saturday so why not take a relaxing thing and turn it into a much more difficult task than it originally was right?  

So this was my first time ever using water color from a tube and I was silly and forgot to grab a towel before I started working and was too tired from garden work all afternoon to get up from my comfy desk chair to grab one, so excuse the water droplet stains that are everywhere and the random splotches of orange in my greens and purples as I fully embrace the sloppy side of art.    

I continue to push myself to use my Pigma brush pen even though I kinda stink with it.  I'm hopeful that practicing with it here might be a good way to build up more confidence and know-how for this particular tool.  Still, since I really struggle with it I avoided anything fancy with lettering and just aimed to make my writing legible.  

Despite all of my struggles with this entry I was pleasantly surprised by the way it turned out (even if it's not quite what I'd pictured in my mind).

Daily Illustrated Journaling - image 7 - student project

Day 7: Currently Craving

So I think I saw the term "fika" on Pinterest first, although it might have been at Ikea, either way they had me at coffee.  My understanding, though admittedly only informed by the internet and department store shopping, is that Fika is a time to enjoy pastry and coffee with friends in the afternoon.  I really crave ALL of this right now.  Unfortunately my employer will require me to quarantine for 14 days if I have a visit with my bestie in Delaware.  I miss her and our coffee talks, even though they don't looks so fancy as this post does.  

It was nice to get pen to paper on this.  I am mostly content filling my time with learning new skills in these weird quaran-teeneey COVID days.  (Seriously, I've taught myself to use water colors, start and save seeds, use a weed wacker, install fixtures using wall anchors, install laminate tile, sew with a sewing machine, make face mask patterns...the list probably goes on from there but that's where my memory starts to fade).  Most of the time I'm totally content with occupying my time with projects, learning cool new things, and the daily grind, but I seriously miss my friends (who all live in different states from me).  

On a more technical note: I treated myself to some new pens and markers and couldn't wait to use this super bright blue to make the blueberries in my coffee cake.  I think a good amount of my trouble with the Pigma brush pen was due to fraying in the tip, so I also treated myself to a new one of those as well.  

 Daily Illustrated Journaling - image 8 - student projectDay 8: I keep Wearing

I definitely followed Dylan's advice on this one and scrolled through postings on Pinterest to get an idea of how to lay out the clothing for this one.  I even had to fold my hoodie up to actually see what the hood part would end up looking like here.  Short on time today, but still overly ambitions I made a minor attempt at fancy writing with my brush pen and quickly gave up and just did the best I darn could because there aren't enough hours in Monday lol.  

Daily Illustrated Journaling - image 9 - student project

Day 9: Self Care Necessities

So I have made spreads like this one for myself in my bullet journal before to act as reminders for dark times, so this was a nice reboot of an old favorite.  I tried to limit color choices because I see it as a fun challenge that forces me to squeeze out a little extra creativity.  I tried a different brush pen today (Faber Castell) just to see if there was any sort of difference between brands.  I think it's just a challenging kind of brush pen for me, but I keep on pushing myself to practice here so I can improve my technique.  Sorry it looks like a 5 year old wrote everything lol

Daily Illustrated Journaling - image 10 - student projectDay 10: Grocery/Garden List

Stuck with the 2 colors that I felt suited this spread the best which were Tombow 912 and 942, both from the skin tones pack but I find them way better suited here to my produce.  I think the dill looks a little weird and easily mistaken for some wheat stalks, but it is what it is.  Went back to the Pigma brush pen which just felt sturdier to me, but I kinda regret some of the highlighting I did with that on the garlic and the onion, I had done some careful strokes with the Tombow markers on those and had good detail without the lining in it and I'm kinda regretting it, but oh well.  It's on the paper now so the dye literally has been cast.  Tomorrow is a new day, I'll be a little more careful with the use of the black ink tomorrow.  

Daily Illustrated Journaling - image 11 - student project

Day 11: My Favorite Corner

So tired today, this week's been crazy for me but I've been squeezing in time for prompts to the best of my ability.  I'll blame it on being tired, but I was really indecisive about color choices and went with 4 different colors.  Oh well, I'll challenge myself more on a day where I'm not running around like crazy.  Still practicing with my Pigma brush pen.  eeh.  It's all a work in progress really...

Daily Illustrated Journaling - image 12 - student projectI wasn't sure what colors would be the best to go with here but I think I am happy with the end result.  I managed to stick to just 2 colored markers and the brush pen though I did cheat a bit and use a fine-liner for writing smaller captions to help fill the space.  I rate the quality of make up based on how much sweat it can survive, so I went a little crazy commenting on sweat related make up items, forgive me for being a little gross.  

Side note: You don't realize how high matenance you are until you have to edit all of your favorite beauty products to fit into a 5.5 X 8.5" sketch book.  Still, I managed to get almost everything in here, only missing eye shadow and Aquaphor.  Not too shabby. 

Daily Illustrated Journaling - image 13 - student project

Day 13: Reliable Recipe

I call it "taco beans" because when I'm in the mood for tacos, this is usually how I fill them.  Lately I've been more into a "taco bowl" style meal so I make some rice to accompany my taco beans. 

Recipe aside, the spread was fun to create today.  I love looking through everyone's projects because it's so inspiring and as I've said before, I learn tons.  I forget who it was, but there was a post with all green and blue for the grocery list and I was amazed by how clearly all of the items came across in those colors-including onions and garlic. 

I decided that since the brightest color in my recipe is the red from the peppers and tomatoes in the Rotel, and the purply/black color of the beans to chose these 2 colors.  This is my only red Tombow marker, and I picked an almost purple shade of blue that would help with the can of Rotel.  I tried to go lightly with the black Pigma brush pen (still building skill with this), especially on the onion because of the trouble I had in the Grocery List spread with this.  I'm really happy with the onion, I think the red bell pepper is lacking something, so I have a future drawing goal to work towards :) 

Daily Illustrated Journaling - image 14 - student projectDay 14: #Obsessed

Okay, first I'm going to pat myself on the pack here-simply for not missing a day or ghosting the workshop, at least for the first half.  Who knows what life will bring in the next 2 weeks. 

Second, I'm gonna fess up to using my white Gelly Roll pen to correct poor Winnie's face because I pressed a smidge too hard on the eyes with my Pigma brush pen and she looked demonic.  Then I had the brainy idea to press EVEN HARDER on the eyes, nose, and mouth, and the poor puppy looked like she had a black hole where her face should go, so I just said "to hell with it" and grabbed my best fix-it tool to try and make her look half as sweet as she is in normal life.  


Then I took the white gel pen to a bunch of the books because lots of Matt Quick's novels have black spines with white illustrations and lettering on them, so this just fit in.  Side note: Matthew Quick is my favorite author and most people know him from Silver Linings Playbook which was adapted into a movie that was NOTHING like the book-which annoys me.  I've recently gotten into rereading his books (again) because I discovered a movie adaptation of "Kinda Like a Rock Star" on Netflix and it was actually quite similar to the book with forgivable changes to the story in the movie adaptation.  (Note-they are not forgivable in Silver Linings Playbook, they just ruined everything). 

I tried to do justice to everything but I'm afraid the choice of orange with the brown was a mistake because Halloween appears to have taken over the entire page.  That carpet tube is seriously taking up a good chunk of space in my garage at the moment, making trash day and accessing garden tools a pain in the butt, so it only seemed appropriate to have it take up a giant chunk of page space.  

If you've read this far thank you!  And thank you to everyone who has offered kind words and support through this half of the workshop <3

Lauren Goldberg
Budding creator, life-long learner