Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts

Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - student project

Day 14:

The lighting is a bit off in this picture giving everything a pinkish hue. I used my blue and pink pastel highlighters for the final prompt. I also had a few creative accidents when attempting the weird ghost thing so I had to run with it and add in lots of wavey lines.

Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - image 1 - student project


Day 13:

A family favourite in my household (and a favourite of mine to cook) is mixed bean chilli, it's a bean variation on the meat based chilli I used to make. It's simple, I often cook it in the slow cooker so it's less to do later in the day and we have it in lots of ways; with rice, in burritos, tacos, nachos and jacket potatoes.

Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - image 2 - student project


Day 12:

My toiletry bag is pretty basic, I have fairly sensitive skin and prefer to use homemade and natural products where possible as well as things that I can easily reuse and that are more sustainable and create less waste. It's basic (and perhaps boring to some people) but what I use works for me.


Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - image 3 - student project


Day 11:

My favourite corner is a triangular corner shelf that stands on my bedside table, on it I have an assortment of objects that mean a lot to me; different gifts that people have brought me, my jewellery and personal crystal collection that I specifically use for my own healing, crystal grids etc. I wanted to use my purple highlighter along with the pink and green but I couldn't find it (it was a victim on that 'black hole' in the sofa for a few days).


Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - image 4 - student project


Day 10:

I went back to using my brighter markers today to utilise the two greens and simplify my palette after using ever available pastel highlighter I had for the last few prompts. I buy a lot of fresh produce so green made sense. I like how my fuller/messier layouts come out when I do them and I'm particularly pleased with how the clear plastic bag of pasta ended up.


Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - image 5 - student project


Day 9:

Self care is really important to me. I struggle at times with anxiety and depression so really allowing myself time to process and do things that bring me peace and are not part of my regular routine for mental health can really help on those days where the struggle is that bit harder. I drew an old rotary phone rather than my swmart phone because it felt more fun than creating a solid lump of technology and I only wish my bath tub was an old fashioned free standing one like the one I drew; maybe one day...


Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - image 6 - student project


Day 8:

I'm all about comfortable clothes and I'm not a follower of fashion, much to my teenage daughter's despair. My favourite go to outfit are my patchwork linen rainbow trousers (they are not as bright as the highlighters used in the picture) paired with a wine red strappy vest top and usually my large Metallica hoodie, which I pretty much live in whatever else I'm wearing. If I need to go out sock and my vegan leather boots are my usual addition and most of the time I wear my pewter floral pentagram. The space uder the title will be filled by a date stamp. I am discovering that I like to add that right at the end in a ready spot on the spread rather than the corner or as part of the header.

Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - image 7 - student project


Day 7:

My partner has been hinting at getting a Chinese takeaway from our new favourite place. We ordered from them for the first time about a month ago after not having Chinese food for so long as I'm vegan and no-where near us had any real options. I heard about this place and that it has a really good chicken substitute as well as vegan satay (one of my favourite sauces). It was so amazingly tasty <3


Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - image 8 - student project


Day 6:

I wanted to create a bit of a clock/activity flow for this one, then once I had finished the illustrations I thought of more that I wanted to add in or should probably have used instead so I just added them as words into the visual 'schedule'. I'm still using the pastel highlighters of which there are six, just enough for each of the illustrations I wanted to include.


Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - image 9 - student project


Day 5:

Ingredients to my mess had to be the contents of my handbag which is more like a cross body, small sachel than a girly handbag and at different points holds a variety of things but it's always pretty full and becomes a collection point for the most random of stuff from both inside and outside of my house; some useful and some not. There was a bit of space at the top of the page that I wanted to fill so I added some fun random steps in a recipe style, inspired by the 'ingredients' part of the prompt title.


Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - image 10 - student project


Day 4:

Most of my marker colours are quite dark and I really wanted to use some different shades rather than just the lighter ones I had been utilising for this prompt. I switched over to using my pastel highlighters and I love the variety they offered. Once I had finished I realised I had meant to put my course material in the spread too but it didn't even occur to me while I was creating my list to include.

Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - image 11 - student project


Day 3:

I decided to try limiting the number of colours I use for these projects as was mentioned in the video, mainly to push myself to think a little differently to how my brain normally wants to work with creating art. Creatively I use a lot of colour in abstract painting or, conversely, I do a lot of ink work creating detailed mandalas in black and white. I wanted to experiment in this class with a different style and approach than my usual one; something quick and loose without any self imposed pressure, keeping it simple and taking inspiration from the videos to try some new layouts and techniques. 


Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - image 12 - student project


Day 2:


Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - image 13 - student project


Day 1:

I'm working with markers, a medium that I don't usually use, in my daily journal/planner (a midori MD plain paper notebook which has off-white pages). Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits is my current go-to album at the moment, it's a big collection so I just included some of my favourite tracks from the set.


Daily Illustrated Journaling Prompts - image 14 - student project

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