Daily Gouache

Daily Gouache - student project

I had so much fun learning from Leah. I found her stress-free & low-key perspective very liberating, which is a good mindset to have when learning a new medium.


The tips that I really appreciate from Leah are :

    Practice on painting the same object in different perspectives

    Details of the tools (brushes and paper) that she uses

    How she tries not to use expensive paper because it tends to make her anxious (so true!)

    Emphasis on taking care of brushes. ***

Daily Gouache - image 1 - student projectDaily Gouache - image 2 - student project


 Random items that I wanted to paint :

An Apple, my rings, cinnamon sticks, dried persimmon, and a tulip.


Daily Gouache - image 3 - student project


Thank you Leah for this class! I look forward to learning more about gouache from you.


Charlotte Lamb
Filmmaker / Visual Artist