Daily Dose of Gratitude and Compassion

pay visits daily to your happy place, connect with your higher love

Sunday march 8th 2020 day1

Today I noticed that I'm still buried knees deep in the hole of superstition that I've dug for myself during the 6-7 years as a monk, I've always been proud of the community and have been generally grateful for the knowledge and wisdom that I was able to pick up, since I have made the decision and no more satisfied with only fallowing the ceremonial traditions and wish to incorporate buddhism fully into my actions, I have again found myself acting on behalf of things that are not proven, in this case, is a dream that I had, but maybe Im being too hard on myself, maybe I'm just thinking too much, no, that's not it... 

I've also noticed that I have the strong urge to invest in some lottery tickets after I saw the latest episode of astrology monthly for libra, indicating that its a good time to do so, so I've been fighting the urge, since I've always despised gambling, what my father did to loose huge chunks of the family fortune, signs everywhere are telling me to be spontaneous and to go the other rout, and maybe I should listen... 

I noticed that I'm off subject, lol, gratitude, nice job mind, awesome save, 

I'm deeply grateful for the goodness in my life, the wonders that I've had the privilege to bestow, for every movie animation and tv series we watch, for all the actors and actresses, singers and people with amazing talents out there that work so hard and tirelessly to produce such amazing works just to make learning interesting, 

I'm also grateful for having all that I have been given, though I may sometimes not notice and become ungrateful due to my physical limitations, 

I'm grateful to the sun, and all the stars out there lighting up the Skys, providing light and life.

I'm grateful for the air that we breath, the plants that sustain the air and water that sustain all

I'm grateful for the earth we stand on, the sea, sky and everything everyone that makes up our environment

I'm grateful for having a body and my parents and ancestors and all the causes that have made this a possibility, I'm grateful that I am healthy (not counting the fact that I'm mildly obese, though I should also be grateful for my body always there teaching me pain and suffering so that I may have compassion for others and not just become a snobby brat)

I'm grateful of reincarnation, and all life and experience, treasures within, allowing us to learn and experience, 

I'm grateful of god, and angles that protect guide and accompany us during our journey. 

I'm grateful for all the wonders that the world and all within co creating, cooperating as one big harmonious functioning system.