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Milena Deneno

Illustrator and Designer



Daily Cello Practice

    For my 21 day project, after much thought (there are so many things I want to do!) I decided I will, first, practice the Cello everyday.

    I started learning the Cello last year as my New Year's Resolution. I found a great teacher in my area, and we really connected. I rented a Cello and I would go over to his house 2x a week. Practicing then made sense, since I had homework, and I had someone waiting for me to get better, watching my progress, counting on me to practice. He moved to Florida for a great job as a Principal Cellist (told you he was good), and since then I have been practing, oh, once a month, or whenever the fancy strikes me. Unacceptable. I know I have lost a lot of my previous "nimbleness" and am, as you say, "rusty", so I have decided to change that.

My Habit Personalty Type results are as follows"

  • Type 1: Upholder: 8 - Extremely Strong Tendency
  • Type 2: Questioner: 5 - Strong Tendency
  • Type 3: Rebel: 1 - No Tendeny
  • Type 4: Obliger: 2 - Smalll Tendency

And here is my Intention:

 "After dinner, I will play the Cello because I am the type of person who nourishes my talents."


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