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Daily Art Start

I got started late.  And have not done the posting as I am technically challenged.  I will post when I work it out. So I'm posting a little painting of the weather from a prior journalling project.

I'm glad for the challenge and have been aiming this direction.  So this was a good impetus.

I tend to prefer watercolor and micron pens, or something like that. AND have been wanting to feel more comfortable with sketching, since that's where I get stalled with my painting so often, in the beginning.

And....I need to do this with feet up, not sitting at an art table. So I pulled out my ignored colored pencil stash and went to it.  And just to insure it, I'm using a thin sketching tablet.  

The most challenging part for me is to stick with it was the 'ugly' phase  when things look scrawly and not very formed.   I'm seeing I need to stick with the 'ugly' phase for most of the drawing time before it starts to be more pleasing, and less scratchy and thin.

I'm going to stick with the pencil for a few more prompts to continue to break the pencil 'ice'.

Doing 'less than perfect' and short times are also good stretches.  ;-D

I'm really enjoying looking at all the different styles and forms this project is taking for everyone.  And your shared experiences.  Thank everyone!!


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