Daily Art Practice

Daily Art Practice - student project

Day 1: Breakfast

I'm not very hungry in the morning so a single piece of fruit is what my breakfast usually looks like. I grabbed a banana and, while I wanted to draw it from life, the smell was irresistible so I peeled it, took a picture and ate it. I'm actually glad I did that because it helped me notice all the different textures and directions, the smooth and tough outside of the peel, the soft and stringy inside and finally the fruit itself, I tried to capture these textures with the directions of my lines! When I took my first bite I also noticed how interesting the inside of the banana is so I registered that as well. In the end I drew the banana peel, now hollow with a very strong sweet scent. I watched it get darker as I drew it and eventually threw it away. I also registered the name in the sticker as a reminder to be thankful to our farms and farmers for the fresh food they provide :)


Daily Art Practice - image 1 - student project


Day 2: Drink

I love drinking tea, it helps me calm down and feel cozy. My favorite kind is either Chai or Matcha, but we only had Orange Pekoe around the house which is quite pleasant as well. I boiled some water, poured it into my cup and added a tea bag. I watched it expand as the clear water started to turn into a very bright brown. I brought it to my desk and started to sketch out my tea cup, it has a very interesting shape, I especially love the handle. I decided to mimic watercolors as thats the medium I associate with drinks the most. To finish it off I decorated the space around the tea cup with lose inks inspired by the painting on the cup itself. I wanted to register the tea bags and the cute box we keep tea in but I didn't have time, and that's ok! It's important to focus on what you got done instead of what you didn't get to do. Looking forward to tomorrow's drawing!

Daily Art Practice - image 2 - student project


Day 3 & 4: Lunch & Ingredient

I fell a little behind so I decided to combine these two! I made a sandwich out of leftovers and it's amazing how you can combine different ingredients made for something else into a single delicious meal! This was also my first time trying this interesting triangle shaped bread which we got fresh from the bakery that morning. It had a variety of seeds in it and I'm happy to have found a new favourite baked good.

Daily Art Practice - image 3 - student project