Daily Art Practice for Self Care

Prologue (so to speak)

At first I doubted myself being able to hear any messages but this class and the whole process has lead to a lot of self realization and a better understanding of who I am as a person which in turn is helping me figure out what kind of artist I want to be.  Some of the prompts took me a few days to hear but the more I kept in mind what I should be listening for the more something would start to stand out to me or there would be a phrase or word I kept repeating.  Next I was doubtful that I could come up with my own design. I’ve always excelled at recreating but not so much with originality. This class has helped me focus, learn to make the time for creativity and follow through. 


#1 Name a Feeling:

I’ve started to learn Procreate through skillshare classes and was doodling when my cat came running over to me and begging for attention.  When I finally gave in she cuddled up next to me and purred so loudly. I think she felt loved and I felt loved in return that she came to me with compassion just looking for some compassion.  It’s the small things in life. This gave me a direction as to what my word would be to describe a feeling for the first prompt. 

 Daily Art Practice for Self Care - image 1 - student project


# 3 Respond To Your Day

This one was very personal for me. I have a hard time being able to look at my own shortcomings or I avoid even the smallest risks to evade the possibility of failure. However, being a former preschool teacher and now nanny I spend all day teaching kids to try new things, practice makes better and accidents and mistakes are ok and just a part of how you learn. Which lead to this message I quickly scribbled onto my new “office” area in my tiny living room of my one bedroom apartment. 

Daily Art Practice for Self Care - image 2 - student project


#4 Addressing Unkind Thoughts

I have worked very hard on stopping and turning around unkind thoughts to myself. One of the things I think about that deters me from starting projects is, what if I’m not good enough and it ends up being a waste of time. Recently, I heard a quote in another skillshare class by Karen Lamb which is: “A Year from now you’ll wish you had started today.”  I had to stop worrying about not being good enough but just keep going because I found myself imagining where I would be now if I had known about SkillShare and all of the amazing artists sharing their tips and techniques, even just a year ago.  It gives me hope that I can continue this upward journey, especially if I stop thinking I’m not good enough and keep thinking about how good I’m going to be if I just keep practicing. 

Daily Art Practice for Self Care - image 3 - student project


#5 Allowing Your Own Experience

What I liked about this prompt was thinking about this day as a day of empowerment and giving yourself permission to trust yourself. What that meant to me was that I should allow myself to Hope and Dream.  Things haven’t worked in my life the way I have planned professionally or artistically but it doesn’t it can’t one day!

Daily Art Practice for Self Care - image 4 - student project


# 6 Active Listening Throughout the Day

After listening to the conversations with myself and with others throughout the day what stuck out the most was scheduling, time and respect.  Schedule- Starting a new job I’ve had to get used to a new schedule, figure out how to work more creative time into my every day as well as remembering the family I nanny for’s schedule. Time- even though it’s scheduled actually sticking to the time I make for my art each day.  Respect- the people in my life respecting the time I am dedicating to being creative and treating it with as much importance as I do. These words led to this smudgy doodle:

Daily Art Practice for Self Care - image 5 - student project


# 7 Giving Yourself Permission

After really thinking about this prompt I felt like what I really need to do is give myself permission to keep trying.  It’s ok if I mess up the first few times or its all smudgy or I spilled something on my paper (super clumsy) don’t just look down on yourself, keep trying. I also think I will take these sketches and base ideas and apply them into procreate when I learn how to use it!


Daily Art Practice for Self Care - image 6 - student project


# 8 (Complete this Sentence) It’s Ok...

It took me a long time to find this message so it’s rushed and scribbled on paper but for me this process has been more about listening to myself and finding the messages rather than creating something great from them just yet. So even though I am not a fan of this at all I will post the message anyway. It’s ok to trust yourself and keep trying. I also didn’t realize until now that keep trying is in my last message as well. 

Daily Art Practice for Self Care - image 7 - student project



#9 What Would A Best Friend Tell You

I consider my mom my best friend so for this prompt I thought of something she frequently tells me which is that I’m Doing Just Fine. I was messing around with procreate one night and ended up with this fun design in the end!

Daily Art Practice for Self Care - image 8 - student project


#12 Cheer Yourself On 

Something I thought I could use a good reminder is:

 Daily Art Practice for Self Care - image 9 - student project


This has been such a journey for me and I’m excited to continue this practice and hopefully make journaling and daily art practice a part of my norm.  Thank you Jessica for the prompts and for sharing your journey and process!