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Graphic Designer



Dahl's "The Three Little Pigs" - Re-imagined

First Post : May 29th, 2015 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Unit 1: Picking Apart Picture Books

Unfortunately, I had to do this portion on the computer (currently out of ink).


Unit 2: Developing Your Characters

Below are my early sketches.  I started just drawing pigs (or what I imagined pigs to look like), and decided to focus on playing around with different features and seeing which I liked best.


I chose one pig I liked the best (indicated by star above) and quickly created a model sheet for him.  


The next day, I sketched again using a lot of the traits I had liked from the previous day (as well as try some new details).  I ended up with another illustration that I liked more.  


Taking my favorite pig (indicated by stars), I created another model sheet and cleaned it up on illustrator:


I ended up illustrating this pig, though I took away the bow to appeal to a broad audience.  


Second Post : June 2nd, 2015 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Unit 3: Drawing your Storyboards

Below is my story board.  


Unit 4: Creating Final Illustrations

I chose to illustrate the spread on pages 22-23, though I did do some editing.  If I were to make more changes, I might make Red a bit bigger on the page but otherwise I'm really happy with how everything turned out!



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