Oh man, can't wait for this! So, to get started, I made a nice, fresh pencil drawing of a dahlia in my sketchbook from a photo reference that I found on Flickr.

Most of the time, I draw and sketch digitally in Photoshop, but for this class, I actually went with the pencil. I'm really happy with the drawing and can't wait to get inking!

Dahlia - image 1 - student project

But first things first, of course, I had to do the practice sheet! In the process of tinkering around with my brushes, I immediately noticed that inking in Photoshop and in Illustrator have a very, very different feel to it. At first, I had some difficulties controlling the size of the brush to the nuance that I would like, so I actually went into the tablet driver to readjust my pressure curve.

And, wouldn't you know it, that thing was WAY OFF for my taste! I corrected it, and then the practice sheet did go much better.

Dahlia - image 2 - student project

Jörn Meyer
Illustrator & Digital Artist