Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - student project

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 1 - student project


These were my plans. After three days of scetching, I realise that 6 minutes is not enough time to be able to use more than one medium, - at this stage, anyway.

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 2 - student project

I really loved making this drawing. My first one, and it took way more than 6 minutes, which I decided wasn't all that important.  It is not perfect at all, but just sitting down doing this was so enjoyable!  Drawing makes me a bit anxious, though, and the connection eye/hand is not what it once was. Hope I can bring it back again with this class.  My lines are very uncertain and fiddly. Do NOT like that.Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 3 - student project


Day 2. The nuts. Found these much more difficult than I had expected.  Don't think they resemble nuts at all.  The arrow points to the part I am most happy with (or dislike the least...). Contemplating how I could simplify them and still give them shape. Haven't given up nuts totally, but need a few days before I repeat.

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 4 - student project

 I have decided to make a stop and publish my project this far after 5 days.  I think I may have chosen a bit too difficult objects for my skills - some of them anyway. I'm a slow drawer, and I'm really having a hard time drawing my objects i 6 minutes.  I feel a lot of anxiety when I sit down to draw, and the enjoyment I note is not entirely truthful.

But - I think pencil is the wrong medium for me. I find I'm bolder and happier with an ink marker.

I feel quite inspired in spite of the difficult emotions, so I draw more than I thought I would.

From now on: more ink, and I think I will give myself more time.


Because I cannot resist. The nuts again. I must say - I love them, and painting them made me feel calm and happy. Ahh! :-)

 Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 5 - student project

Day 3 Wooden box

Intention was ''keep it simple'', since I have this tendency to fiddle.  The lid is SO hard to get right, and the overall shape of rounded objects is a great challenge to me.  Went on to do some quick ones in ink. I like ink!

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 6 - student project

Afterthought day 6: when I take a look at my box drawings from day 3 now, I in fact find them quite OK, really.  There will always be this huge gap between my expectations and what I produce, so the disapointment will also be huge. A few days does the trick, apparently.

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 7 - student projectAfter making these drawings of my lovely box, I treated myself to some colours and time!

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 8 - student project

Day 4 Jug

Another rounded form, with a handle...  I enjoyed this quite a bit. I feel I drew somewhat more freely and relaxed, and I like the handle on the 4 1/2 minute version, and the rim on the unfinished one beside it.

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 9 - student projectDaglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 10 - student project

As usual, I couldn't resist doing a unlimited time version. Suddenly, I love pencil drawing. Think time is important here.

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 11 - student project


Day 5 Elephant

Haha! Must laugh when I see what I did. Fact is, the first one, that I drew almost without looking at the paper, is the best sketch in my opinion, and my favourite part is the rounding of it's back. The ones with ink brush ... well  :D.  Felt I needed to draw the animal slowly afterwords, and now I have conkluded that I love drawing with a fine ink marker. I think I'm starting to grasp shape and room/form more than I did day 1.  Never in a million years would I have dared to draw the elephant in ink without thinking my drawing through like I have done here. 

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 12 - student projectDaglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 13 - student projectDaglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 14 - student projectDaglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 15 - student project


Day 6 the ink bottle. Love drawing this one. What surprised me when I started drawing it, was how hard it is to get the lid right.  I painted the bottle a few days ago - a bit prematurely - and you can see that the lid seems to be half off.  I enjoy the straight lines I achieved in the 6 mins one.  The ink gives me more self confidence than the pencil does.

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 16 - student project

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 17 - student project


Day 7 Paper boxes

Enjoy: 8/10  I'm having fun drawing this, and my strong respect for the pencil seems to have evaporated somewhat. Maybe because I have decided that I get to decide which medium to use.

Confident:  8/10  I'm thinking that I in fact can draw these boxes, if not in 6 minutes so it the amount of time that suites me.

Progress: 9/10  The self confidense and enjoyment are progresses in them selves. Other than that, I think of drawing (all the time!) with pleasure. Not as afraid any more. Experimenting with different ways to hold the pencil (and ink marker).

I like my lines better now, they're not quite as wobbly as they were. The angles within and between the boxes are off, but size wise they seem OK. I'm having a problem with angles.

Bringing with me:  if I fail it's not the end of the world - I can do this over and over again till I'm satisfied.

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 18 - student project

Day 8 The Perfume Bottle

Enjoy  8/10  It's great fun to draw this special form, and the flowers on the bottle, even if they're ''at bit'' sketchy.  Want to do it in ink and water colour. Fountain pen, perhaps?

Confident  8/10  I felt that the form and surfaces were relatively easy to perceive. 

Progress  8/10  Using pencil again, despite my opposition to the medium. Feeling much more relaxed with pencil now (repeating myself, I know).  Even if my lines are still wonky and uncertain, I think I nail them a bit quicker than I did a few days ago.


The lid shape seems ok enough, but it is out of place in relation to the bottle neck, and the bottle neck is too tall. I have made the bottle slimmer than it is in reality. Other than that, I think I'm on the right track, and I think it's obvious that this is a bottle of Chinatown from Bond no.9.  :-)

Bringing with me: Pay even more attention to observing an object's different parts in relation to each other.

Have found a class on perspecive drawing. That will be useful, I think.

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 19 - student project


Day 9 The plant

My Pilea. 

Enjoy: 8/10  Fun trying to grasp the elegance in the leaves and stems.

Confident: 5/10 The rounded pots... Still finding this very hard. I guess it is a question of practise.

Progress: Did I do any? (well, I learned that drawing under the influence of a large glass of white wine is not the smartest thing to do, haha!)

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 20 - student project


Day 10 the glass cup

Enjoy: 9/10  I loved drawing this one, in both media.

Confident:  9/10  My hand mostly did what it was told, and I felt great!

Progress: 8/10  I have been struggling with perspective and rounded objects. So, I started a class in perspective drawing and have observed how that teacher draws cirkles and ellipses. That made me fill some pages with various cirkles, ovals, ellipses and so on, and I think it helped!   So, yeah! Today was a good one.


Favourite part in all three versions: the lines in the base of the cup.

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 21 - student project

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 22 - student project


Day 11  The pc mouse


My intention today was to ''let the hand draw'' - i.e.  dont't try to detail, don't fiddle. Have had the mouse in my mind the whole day today, so when I sat down to draw, I in fact let my hand draw. The first sketch, anyway. Then I moved the mouse to different positions and started to fiddle/think too much. After the 6 minutes, i took two 3 minute drawings in ink.

My favourite part of this exersice is pencil drawing no.1.  The ink no.1 is rather ok as well.

Enjoy:  8/10  I had a smile on my face trying to loosen up and draw the ''drop shape''. 

Confident: 8/10  Both confident and not. Struggling with perspective, and at the same time I feel I grasped the shape and form of the object fairly ok.  Some here and some there...

Progress: 9/10  I managed 3,5 sketches in 6 minutes, and two more i ink i 2 x 3 minutes. I think that showes that I'm letting go of my need to detail and overthink.

Overall happy with this exercise.

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 23 - student project


Day 12 Clementines

Enjoy:  10/10  I had so much fun drawing the clementine!  The colour makes my brain sing, so pencil/ink/round object doesn't matter. Love the plumpness and the interesting shadows and the roundness full of flat areas.

Confident:  9/10  I played with form/outline, tested different points to start with. No fear of time nor pencil. Just felt happy.

Progress: 9/10  I drew several sketches. Can see that I started out getting to know the shape, and adding more details on the following ones.  I feel my lines are far less unsure and ''hairy'' now, and that I perhaps see form/shape with more confidence.

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 24 - student project


Day 13 Glue stick

I drew this late yesterday evening, tired and unispired.  Did the drawings more because I should than because I wanted to, so...  Nevertheless, I see some progress from first (far left) to the last (far right) pencil drawing, and to the one i ink, where I finally managed to see the correct form on the lid. (hight)

I think that the fact that I did these sketches in spite of being tired, showes some progress in it self. Pretty proud of myself.

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 25 - student project


Day 14 The Wine opener


Enjoy  10/10  I just loved drawing this item! I feel it's easier to shift my consentration between the different parts of the object, which makes my perseption better,  I think.

Confident 9/10 Felt relaxed, not hurried. 

Progress 9/10  My lines are still uneven and unclean, but far less than two weeks ago I think. I fell that I perceive the objects with greater accuracy. The most important progress is, I'm not afraid of drawing/failing, like I was to start with. What a relieve!

I think the 2x3 minutes one is the best of the two. My favorite part of it is the ''movement'' in the shape.

Daglig 6 min 14 dager tegnetrening - image 26 - student project


So, I've completed my first 14 day challenge. I must say, this has meant a great deal to me. I'm starting to see myself as someone who draws again.  Sitting down doing this brings me peace and inner warmth, I feel I'm falling into place in myself if you see what I mean. Hard to express in a foreign language. I feel happy and inspired, and proud of myself.


Now, I'll go on to a new challenge! Just have to find out what I shall do. 

Britt Try
Amateur with an urge to draw