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Daddy, professor and game developer

Well let's go tell my rush life in icons :-D

  1. Wake Up
  2. Kiss my wife and my sons
  3. Talk with my grandma
  4. Go to ride to univesity
  5. I teach
  6. Back to house of bus
  7. Dinner with my family
  8. Sleep a few
  9. Work in house in game dev
  10. Go to supermarket
  11. Give food to my dog
  12. Play with my sons
  13. Aid my wife give bath in my new son
  14. Aid my wife give bath in my old son
  15. Dinner with my family
  16. Put my old son to sleep
  17. Work more a little bit
  18. Drink my drugs
  19. Leave my old son to do piss
  20. Lets go to sleep

Update June 5th

My first version with 5 icons. I'm using MyPaint and tablet Wacom Bamboo Fun.

New Update June 5th

Create my first vector image using Inkscape. I'll recreate but so good the experience. Please give me feedback!

Update June 6th

More sketches!

Update June 10th

Last sketches! I used just mouse in notebook using MyPaint and GIMP for mix the images.

Now is start to vectorize :-D


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