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Daddy, Teach Me How to Bike

1) Teach me how to bike: this story is about how I learned to bike at the age of 7 when I received my first real bike with the help of a much older friend and a little bit of perseverance.  

2) You are that person: while sitting in a locked car, I have the habit of unlocking my door before the one sitting at the driver's seat does it and this habit usually leads to a few seconds of confusion because the driver then tries to unlock the car since I opened it before they unlocked it (it leads to an involuntary unlock and lock game). An acquaintance that I was becoming real close friends with gave me a ride for the first time and noticed that habit of mine while I was trying to get out of her car and exclaimed in surprise "You're that person" referring to my habit. It was a good 2 minute laugh that night.

3) Birthday costume: I am a foreign student studying in the USA and so for that matter I am still getting used to a few American terms and idioms. A church family invited me once for dinner at their house to celebrate a birthday. They were celebrating the Dad turning 56. He had been cutting the grass outside in the backyard all afternoon and when dinner was ready he started making his way upstairs to quickly clean himself for supper while the rest of the family and I began proceeding to the dinner table. From the stairs he yelled "should I come in my birthday costume?" and I answered "sure!" thinking that he meant heading down with an actual attire he had put aside to celebrate his birthday and his kids who were also around my age yelled "Noooooo!! Nooo!! you don't wanna see that!" while he laughed hysterically upstairs and I said "why not?" a bit surprised by their reactions and they explained to me what the term meant and I understood the joke and felt a bit awkward but it was one of those awkward but sort of funny moments.

After reviewing each stories I decided to go with the one that will give me the ability to transform it into a three-act structure and I figured that story number one would work best. To make the story a bit more complex and intriguing I decided to modify it a bit.


 Daddy, Teach Me How to Bike

The story follows a 7-year-old boy who receives a bicycle as a gift from his Dad and is eager to learn how to ride it but the only person who can teach him (his father) seems unable to do so. The Dad gets home very tired from work everyday and just heads straight into the house to grab a good meal and head to bed. Every time the child hears his Dad get home, he grabs his bicycle and tries to get his Dad to teach him how to ride it. When it becomes apparent to the little boy that he isn't going to get his first bike lesson from his dad, the little boy decides to take matters into his own hands.

He tries to learn to bike on his own and eventually just ends up bruising himself really bad and damaging his bike as it crashes into a tree when he loses his balance on it. When his Dad arrives home, he first gets mad at the little boy for damaging his bike and scolds him. The little boy breaks down and expresses the cause of his action. At this moment, the father has an epiphany. The next day (after coming home from work) he surprises his son with a fixed bike and manages to give him his first bike lesson which eventually leads both characters to experience an exceptional father and son bonding experience. 





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