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I haven't asked him yet so hopefully he'll agree, but I am planning to do a portrait about my 82 year old Dad. He's had a very interesting life and I've always wanted to interview him about it. I figured here's my chance.


OK, my Dad is in! So now I'm thinking about what aspect of his life I want to concentrate on. I'm realizing that with a time limit of 5 minutes I really need to focus in on one time period or aspect.

Right now I am leaning towards focusing on his upbringing before and after WWII in the Southern Railway Servant's Orphanage in Woking, England. He has a lot of great stories (and contrary to what you think of when you hear the word orphanage) a lot of great memories from that period.


Thinking about my motif and how to approach and organize my interview...

I think I will focus on 3 basic elements: what, why, how.

These details are pretty interesting in themselves but I also want to touch on some themes of how his orphanage experience shaped him and the opportunities he received that he would not have had if he'd lived at home. 

Music? Maybe something ambient but it would be cool if I could get him to sing some old hymns. He might need a cocktail for that! I know he loved belting out those old songs as a kid.

AND I think I've solved my video editing conundrum. I have access to an ipad and can use an imovie app for that--in fact I think I might just shoot the whole thing on an ipad.


I've just ordered a tripod adapter for my ipad mini which will be here next Wed, but hopfully sooner! Cutting it close. I will see if I can shoot all of the still shots and get everything totally prepped for my interview by Wed so I can jump right into editing.


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