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Dachshund Racing Logo

There is an event coming up where I live called the Doxie Derby, in which dachshunds and their owners from all around our region come together to compete in family-friendly racing, look-alike, costume, and other dog contests.  A group of friends and I (we all have dachshunds!) are going to the event together and I'm working on creating a team logo, slogan, and individual competitor logos with the face of each dog in them, to be used on t-shirts and other apparel.  I'm taking this class because I want to brush up on my logo design skills and I hope to make all of these different "brand" elements feel cohesive, polished, and ultimately rock!  Can't wait to start designing!


Dachshund Racing Team Branding:

Team name is either the Ruff Ryders or the Dachshundville Brats

Slogan options:

"We'll Dox Your Sox Off!"

"World's Best Wieners"

"Our Wieners Ride Harder"


Age: Early 20's to Late 30's, but appealing to all ages, inclusive.

Gender: Female and Male

Education level: College-educated, independent, fun-loving, inclusive, creative.

Income level: $20k-$60k/year

Locale: suburban


"We are a fun-loving group of friends looking for a tongue-in-cheek type of team branding, that conveys humor in its level of sincerity and dedication to the competitive aspect of the event, juxtaposed to the actual lighthearted nature of the event. 

Our logo should be a little intimidating! It should represent our dachshunds poised and ready for action, or mid-run, with fierce determination. The individual competitor logos should highlight our unique dachshunds and possibly call out each event that he or she is in.

The typography should convey the idea that We Are Official, while still maintaining a sense of the lightheartedness of the event: we are there to Win, but we're also there to have a lot of fun. 

We are planning on making a documentary (taking a cue from Best In Show) leading up to and during the event, and we want our members to be proud of and to show off their teams' artwork for the camera (on shirts, track suits, bags, itinerary sheets, etc.)."


Mood board links here, I will be adding more to them as the project progresses:






SKETCHES:Here is what needs to be included somewhere in the logo or in the overall design if there are separate elements:


"Our Wieners Ride Hard"

Main logo of racing dog theme


"World's Best Wieners" or "We'll Dox Your Sox Off"

Main logo of racing dog theme


2014 Columbia County Doxie Derby

Lake City, FL., February 22, 2014

Official Contenders (individual logos):





This was an art project I made this summer (above).  I'm going to vectorize the dogs' heads and use that as a jumping off point for how the individual competitors will look.

I added some more to the Concept Mood board (below) to get some dog photo reference, and to explore photos and flyers from races that have occured in the past:

UPDATE 1/19:

Thank you for the feedback!! Below are my first sketches and further thoughts on concept, type, and color. 

Concept: The Need for Speed.

To me this suggests that the logo should communicate the thrill of racing, competition, and being part of a team. 

Typography: Below are some ideas for typography, but I need to flesh them out more.  I believe I am capable of creating my type in Illustrator once it is drawn well.

Color: I might try and work more colors of dachshunds themselves into the logo (black, brown, tan, golden, dappled, etc.), but I would like to add some brighter, vivid colors as well maybe in the background, perhaps blue or red for the color of the T-shirts.  I'm going to make the logo and type itself in black and white first, though, because I'm still having trouble picturing what colors would work best.

Type sketches (ran out of drawing room for some, still need to flesh out):

Notes on type sketches:

4A and 4B are based off the idea of Baseball team logos.

5 is in the style of the Johnsville Bratwurst logo.

For 8 I was imagining a simple hand-drawn line, maybe white inside a red banner.

9 is more about composition and using various typography in one comp.

Favorite icon/composition sketches:

Almost all sketches combined:

Rough comps of various ideas, just quickly trying out kinds of type and icon arrangement:

UPDATE 1/22:

With your and my team's feedback I made more iterations below, still rough, not vectorized, still working on the type as well.

UPDATE 01/30/14:

I'm still working on the follow-up revisions with your feedback but I started a first pass at the T-shirt comps here as those need to go out soon:

UPDATE 2/1/14:

Below is my final design sent to the printing company.

UPDATE 2/2/14:

Below are the final shirts edited for legibility by the printing company for this year's Derby.  Hopefully they will arrive soon!  Now to work on alternate ideas for next year like the lozenge and a more fierce looking dachshund.


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