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DYH Project

Habit Personality Type: Obliger

I signed up for this class because the 21 day productivity course was so amazing + helpful. I'd love to improve on my habit changing skills like I was able to improve my productivity.

My proudest habit is my healthy breakfast routine. I am diligent about starting my day off with a healthy smoothie, bowl of gluten-free oats when it's too cold or eggs with veggies. 


Keystone Habit: Journal for at least 10 minutes every day.

I've been drawn to the idea of morning pages + also the concept of working on writing daily to become a better writer. Combining the two seems efficient but also removes the pressure to specifically write morning pages if I'm not feeling up for it + want to just write a poem instead.

Trigger 1: Journal while eating breakfast.

Trigger 2: Journal when Jawbone UP bed alert goes off {warning me to get ready for bed}.

Since I have a daily habit of eating breakfast + want to make sure I avoid working while I eat {since I'm self-employed}, journaling at the kitchen counter or dining table would keep me away from electronics while I nosh on my food.


  • Lift checkin
  • post to instagram (create a hashtag to use + treat followers as accountability partners)


  • keeping my journal on the breakfast bar while building this habit 
  • repeating task item on digital to do list for the first month
  • Lift app reminder in the evening


When I sit down to eat/drink my breakfast, I will journal for at least 10 minutes because I am the type of person who values creativity + self reflection.

Small Wins

  • journal for 10 minutes during breakfast
  • journal 5 minutes in the morning + 5 minutes before bed
  • journal for 6 minutes
  • journal for 3 minutes
  • write an intention for the day
  • write a sentence about anything
  • write the date in my notebook


  • starting the day mindfully sets the tone for the rest of the day
  • the real benefit comes from consistency, not perfection
  • other people's fires are not mine to put out
  • my schedule is mine


One of my reminders is also helpful for the environment!

  • keep journal on counter in the kitchen so it's ready to use
  • keep a pen in the spiral spine of my journal 


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