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DV8 2013 Summer Lookbook


Hello, my name is Tarisha and I would like to present the DV8 2013 Summer Lookbook as my final project.

Through this Shootn'Style skillshare class, I have learned how to tell a story through photos, the process of developing the story (i.e. identifying photo location, models, theme, mood ) and keeping my current and potential customers in mind.

I do not own a clothing line. Therefore, I decided to create a fictional clothing line, DV8, for my lookbook project. 

DV8 is a start-up clothing line founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2010. DV8 is currently being sold in Atlanta boutiques. The purpose of the DV8 2013 Summer Lookbook is to expand its clientle. The DV8 2013 Summer clothing line consists of leisure casual attire for women (ages 25 and above). DV8 is for women of all sizes. DV8 celebrates the unique beauty of every woman.

DV8 Motto: Be Your Own Beautiful.

DV8 Mood Board

For my inspiration board, I gathered general photos that inspired the mood I would like to recreate with my photos.


Despite the diverse make-up of the U.S., it's ethnic variety is not consistently seen in advertisements or campaigns. And, when it is seen there seems to be a residual hint of conformity. I appreciate the diversity and non-conformity of Benetton campaigns and would like to incorporate that diversity in my photos.


I also appreciate the colors of Benetton. With the resurgence of color via color blocking, I would like to capture different colors in my photos.


For me, lush greenery symbolizes summer, life, growth, and beauty. I want my photos to inspire these sentiments.

Lookbook Goal:

My goal for the DV8 2013 Summer Lookbook is to highlight the colors and details of the clothes, the models in a beautiful not so unique setting, hopefully illustrating a story. The aim of my photos is to inspire women to be their own kind of beautiful via DV8 clothing.

Shot List:

Full Body

Upper Body

Clothing Detail Close-up






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