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Melizza Ramos





Hi everyone, i am so excited to finally be here and present what i did in this incredible course.

I am from Mexico (so please be pacient with my english) and 4 years ago i worked as a fabric designer even when my career is not design, i did it for almost 3 years,  and in that time i found my self soooo full, so complete but well, for some problems i quit my job and since that i have been doing other things and at the end of the last year i decided to take again my calling, and well it has been so difficult for many reasons (be afraid) but when i decided to be at skillshare and i found this class, really Bonnie it was and it is a gift from heaven.

Thank you for sharing the short cuts, your own tips, the quotes, but the most important your passion and let me remember that "There´s room for me" and well so i took the gift and now i want to share what i did

Bonnie again thank youuuu so much

Love from México

So i started to take pictures everywhere and i really like this part of nourish my mind, my creativity

this is my moodboard from pictures that i found in pinterest and one that i took from a big store.

Now my sketches...as you can see i made them like with more detail, more complex but as you will see at the end, i decided to make them more simple

Color Palette: this was so difficult for me to chose the ones that i like the most, but well i took the colors from the rose´s picture that i took.

The process: all was worth it, for the first time i used my wacom that i bought at the end of the last year and it was not as easier as i thought but it was worth it, also i need to improve my photography skills because it was not the best picture for live trace : )

Finally the patterns, i enjoyed soooo much : )

In these two i wanted to put one more color (brown and gray) and i love it

Thanks for being here and see my work ,

please tell me what you think and give me your recommendations

and again Thank you sooo much Bonnie

Melizza Ramos



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