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I just signed up for this class today and started on my creative brief and collage. 

DT Design & Photography

Creative Brief


a. Diana Thai is an educated and self-taught designer, based in San Diego, CA. Diana has earned a B.A. fine arts degree in interior design and has interned /worked for multiple small design and photography businesses. She is now ready to start her own design contracting business. She will deliver customized design services including: visual re-branding, retail/architectural photography, and 3D visual renderings for business owners and designers. Diana hopes to create a strong and unique brand that will represent her diverse design and photographic style.


a. To refurbish her existing initial branding design and gear it toward a more cohesive and captivating brand that translate her creative style and personality.

Target Audience

a. Start-up/small businesses owners, interior designers, architects, retailers, restaurant owners, etc. who are seeking graphic, re-branding and photographic needs. These people want a designer that is friendly, fun, and can work with them on a personal and professional level to accomplish their needs.


a. With a diligent, friendly, and versatile personality, Diana with DT Design & Photography will deliver you a variety of creative design services to help visually bring your business to the next level. 


a.  Other independent contracting designers that can also provide a variety of design services to business owners.  

Distinguishing Characteristics

a. A diverse set of design services where she doesn't just design graphically, but can photograph and understand how to interior design and create 3-d renderings. 

b.  Loves nature, the environment and keeping work sustainable

c.  A passionate, fun, and friendly personality that is easy to work with and communicate with

Creative Considerations

a. Colors need to be fun and refreshing

b. Textures and design needs to have an artsy/modern/lovely feel

c. Wood textures combined with nature’s colors

d. Avoid bold dark colors, black and white okay

e. Love greens, yellows, purples, teal, greys


a.  Re-freshing, vintage-modern, natural, thrifty, organic, chic, sketchy, clean, friendly, artsy, rustic.

Mood Board:

 12-15-13 update:

My original logo I realize really didn't really reflect my brief as well as I wanted:

Changes: I wanted to give it a more artsy feel with more settled colors that are still vibrant. Also keeping it modern and clean. 


I decided instead of just typing out the "d" and "t", I'll just simply draw it out myself with my own handwritting. 

Colorized new logo options:


With dandelion element:

A variant dandelion element:

A sticker idea/variant for the logo:

That is what I have so far, still deciding on which exact colors to use. I'm thinking of maybe keeping it simple in the end and not use the dandelion and keep that as a texture/pattern for my marketing material :)

12-16-13: Typography

For my type, I wanted to keep most of the font very clean with just different weights and size for heirarchy. For my accent font, I wanted to add a more script looking font, reminising the cursive handwritten look from my mood board. Since its a bit hard to read, I'll use that sparingly for big titles, etc. 

This is the look I am thinking of going for, for my website. The only problem trying to find the right font for the titles that will be compatible on the web. But over all, this is the look I'm going for. Need to find a web font similiar. But for now this will do for some print ads. 

12/17/13: Graphic Elements


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