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My name is Dane S. Thompson I am the sole designer and founder of DST TO INFINITY. I started DST to Infinity a bit over 3 years ago. The Plan? To design, draw, doodle, and brain storm until I can't anymore.  A "Delectable Pedigree" is the slogan that crept into mind about 3 years ago as college was warming up to toss me to the "real world".  I said to myself, "I come from a good lineage right? Like a delectable pedigree". The random one liner didn't mean much at the time but I figured I'd jot it down. A short time later I graduated and I decided to use my spare time to design literally whatever good ideas came to mind, a decision that turned into a daily regiment. I began to design posters, I got about 25 posters in and started to wonder, why I was making so much work and doing nothing with it? Therefore I began to wheat paste my poster art around my area simply as a way to publicly display my work. Todays I have designed over 200 posters that i make stickers and posters of. This is what eventually encouraged me to start my own clothing brand. I wanted to make a brand that reflected the daily grind of getting your work out there for people to see. DST TO INFINITY circles around my experiences as an artist, therefore there are many references to wheat pasting tools; such as buckets, brooms, stickers, and rolls of posters. I wanted the clothing brand to have a more visually playful aesthetic than my poster art, more of a 'cartoon like' animated look to get the free-spirited feeling i wanted to portray. 

Each T-shirt tells a story which is outlined in my blog at REPDST.COM. Here are some examples of DSTees:

Target Pricing for tshirts: Between $30-$36. I would like these tees to be available not only in my online store but also in a few select boutiques.

Prospective Customer: Those who are using their passions to pay their bills and also those who are trying to make a name for themselves through their talents & skills.

Slogan: "Delectable Pedigree": Meaning; Whether you come from a great lineage or about to start one, you destined for great things.

The "Pasting Scrolls" Tee

Pictured above is the "Pasting Scrolls" tee. It features a graphic that is heavily influenced by the times of old and fused with styles of the modern day. Digging below the surface of the piece which displays a Japanese figure rocking the ever popular "all over print" garment, 5-panel hat, and shock-proof watch; there is a seed I want to plant in minds of its viewers. The idea that whatever you do, make sure to do it with supreme confidence and intense passion so others will be compelled to appreciate it. This notion is something I believe is the sole force to becoming something greater than you already are. So why pair this idea with Japanese culture? I read a quote from the Hagakure which states, "when one is writing a letter, he should think that the recipient will make it into a hanging scroll" -Yamamoto Tsunetomo. I thought that quote related at lot to my style in the way of hanging posters and sticker in the street. This quote is also printed as an inner neck hit.

"The Enforcer" Tee

Pictured above is "The Enforcer" Tee. A graphic that reminds you to find time to do whatever it is that makes you happy and to do it with passion; to stand tall in the grueling eyes of adversity and lift your creation high for all to behold. 

The "Street Creep" Tee

The "Street Creep" Tee, Using the signature broom as a symbol of the hands of a clock, I am showing the appreciation I have for those who rep DST 24/7. Always reppin is also a slogan i use from time to time.

The "Delectable Hillbombers" Tee

The "Delectable Hillbombers" tee, drawing influence from my daily bike rides to class during college.The "Interstellar B.S." Tee

The "interstellar B.S." tee (above), designed to help people remember to reach your highest goals.

For this look book shoot i made a 9ftx4ft wheat paste collage consisting of pieces I've designed over the years.

The "Rune the Streets" Tee

The "Run the Streets" tee: To some there is a fine line between a menace to society and an artistic idealist, get your work up and get out of there. Run the streets wisely. 

Every DST tshirt order some with a random DST trading card:

trading cards

I also enjoy writing so as an extra touch on the tshirts I add poety, quotes, and brief sayings into th inner neck area of the tee to help extend the message I am trying to get across to the wearer. Pictured below is an example of this in the "delectable Hillbombers" tee (print size approx 3in wide). This particular tee is a favorite amongst my close friend because it depicts a time we all enjoyed, it's basically an ode to them. Check it out:

Inner neck hit of "Delectable Hillbombers" tee

Drawing examples (below)


Below is an example of DST packaging. Each T-shirt oder comes packaged in a custom polybag. Tees are wrapped in tissue. I also add stickers Ive designed, pins and a business card.


Pictured Below is the DST Logo, I designed this to mimic an arrow head pointing up at the stars with my initials attached to the bottom. It symbolizes the fact that hard work will get you where you want to be. (This logo has been through many stages to reach where it is now)

DST Logo

Billboard Logo mock-up:

Bill board mock up

T-shirt and Pin mock up:


Below is an example of one of the many t-shirts coming soon, It is called "The Gatekeeper" tee. This tee is designed to let the wear know that my brand has their back and supports them while they support us. Printed on the back of the tee is a female figure in a slightly aggressive pose watching your back. Below the figure is an arrange meant of stars which i use periodically throughout my work. When the correct line is drawn through the stars the work pedigree can be formed similar to constellations in the sky (view repdst.com's infininty blog entry pasting scrolls for more info) The pantones for this tee are [RED 185U] [YELLOW116U] and [WHITE] . Any constructive suggestions are greatly appreciated!

The "Gate Keeper" tee outline"The Gatekeeper" tee techpack

Also here is another graphic "Poster Boy" ive been working on for a t-shirt graphic:

The "Posterboy" Tee

More Mock Ups:


Above is a mock up of the "Parabombers" coaches jacket. This graphic is playing off the idea of spreading art instead of war. The soldiers are dropping in to wheat paste their posters all over the area rather than dropping in to spread carnage.


Above is a mock up of the "Villains Prosper" jacket. The frony patch will be a 4in embroidered patch and the back will be a screen printed oversize graphic. 


Above is a mock up of the "Interstallar B.S." Tee and a closer look at the graphic...peep the metallic red foams.

supreme thy preme

Above is a mock up of the "Supreme thy Preme" tee for women ive been working on. Its holding down all the ladies that have been repping DST. It most likely wont be in this color way but for now it will do. 


Above is the "Jungle to Jungle" tee mock up. This design is depicting how i felt when my family moved from Brooklyn New york to Pennsylvania. I didnt like the move but i decided (for lack of bettere words) to "go beast-mode" on my art grind. I wanted the wearer of this tee to remember that whatever "jungle" they end up in, to just keep working hard on their craft.

Much thanks for viewing my project!



Instagram: @DST46


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