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Sean Pollock

CEO of Doughboy Soldier Apparel



DSA - A Collaborative Army of One

Brand: Doughboy Soldier Apparel aka DSA

Slogan: Building "A Collaborative Army Of One"

DSA Links

Store: www.shopdboy.com


About Us

DSA started in 2005. When entering the streetwear sector I knew absolutely nothing about the industry and it seemed like a secret society. Not like today when everything is a google search away. I underwent many changes and growth directions from logo, design and brand concept. Especially since DSA stands for Doughboy Soldier Apparel. I had to pay close attention to our concepts and design direction. I didnt want to add to the negative stigma associated with the word doughboy aka dopeboy. Especially when it was originally held a title of well respected individuals. The title was once given and belonged to the American Soldiers of WW1.

Today I understand my brands direction and the things needed for it to grow. Not that I think I made it or know it all cause everyday is a different learning experience but, I can say I have come very far and appreciate the journey DSA has taken me on so far and looking forward to growth and the future.

Slogan/ Mantra

I came up with the slogan "A Collaborative Army Of One" to represent my brand and thought it fitting to introduce this project because of the nature and support given by us all in this class as well as, the world we live in today. I call this the look at me generation with all the social media self proclaimed stars however, we have to always be mindful no one can truly achieve greatness without the support and collaborative efforts of others and vice versa. No musician can be appreciated if no one hears his/her sound and no billionaire builds an empire without making a few millionaires along the way. 

With DSA I look to push that concept. Celebrate everyone as they strive or Soldier towards what brings them happiness and success. While always acknowledging that it takes a collaboration of people to make things happen and build greatness. Hopefully DSAs' pieces and logo help tell your story and everyone you encounter that you are soldiering towards something.  

Sales Channels

As I said I'm learning everyday my method of sales will be predominately online with the goal of establishing a wholesale sales calendar and relationships with brick and mortar retail accounts within the near future as I structure and build my brands base and identity. My vision and plan is as follows:

Establish a solid brand identity

Develop products ideas based on the brand identity

Keep the brand idea consistant by creating solid peices and accessories

Promote my brand and collection before its release via social media, blogs and press releases

Release my collection to the public online

Escalate promotion of brand through lookbook, and various media outlets

Work towards developing a fan base and customer base.

Continue to promote brand in any way possible.

Keep fresh design and new collections within 2-5 months

Create a wholesale catalog displaying all products with purchasing information

Once completed reach out and sell to brick and mortar/ online boutiques

Get reps to promote sales to retail boutiques

While continuing to supply our online fan base 





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