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DS1C : : : Create to Communicate

                         Name: Jewelyn Butron

                                           Location: NY, USA

                                                            Brand: DS1C

                                       Pronounced: [how it is shown] D - S - 1 - C

                                           Dee - Ess - Won - See

                                           or "Dee-Sick"

Hello my name is Jewelyn Butron. I am 19 years and I attend the Fashion Institute of Technology for Communication/Graphic Design. I enjoy short walks to the refridgerator and I absolutely love design.

DS1C started off as a final school project for a course I took in the Fall of 2012. It was something I did not know would turn into something that could possibly be something greater. A passion. A dream.

For our final project, we were to design a book that had all off our designs we have created through the semester in layout form. I wasn't too fond of this idea because honestly, it was kind of boring. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to take the designs I have spent hours on and share it in a cool way!

I've always wanted to create a brand. I wanted to express my designs into a FEELING. Into a MESSAGE. Into something FUN. Into something INTRICATE. Into something TANGIBLE. Into a BRAND. That's when I decided to create DS1C

Now when you hear the brand name, DS1C, how do you feel? What do you see? What do you taste? What do you smell? For obvious reasons the name DS1C stands for Design Studio 1 Clothing. Yes, I know..... it's not the most creative snazziest, jazziest, spiffiest, name out there...(mind you, it was finals week when I created this name). But in the end, I think it worked out. There's something STRONG. BOLD. Yet, MYSTERIOUS and SIMPLE about the name. The slogan could be "D SICKEST name out there" But let's not go there yet. 

The designs I originally created for the class were in fact, very technical, hand made, and precise. As a designer and being that these designs would take a lot of time creating, I wanted these designs to be SPECIAL, to be be INTERESTING, and COMMUNICATIVE in an way we normally wouldn't see DESIGNS in your daily life.



Before ACTUALLY creating the design in the computer we had to create the design BY HAND!
These early designs were either hand drawn with markers, cut out with paper, or both. (scanned images)




                                                                  WORD MARK \ LOGO MARK


                                                                "We Create to Communicate."

~The concept behind this shirt and why this shirt represents DS1C as a whole ~

The thing I love about New York is the ENERGY. I commute to Manhattan almost everyday. The commute eating up at least 15 hours of my week. On top of that work, school work, and just trying to have a social life. When I come home, my body is dead.  But at the same time I'm excited. My body is tired but my mind isn't. I AM CONSTANTLY inspired everyday when I arrive into the city of New York (New  York in general really) Everytime I go into the city I am ALWAYS inspired by the energy it emits every. single day. Rain or shine. The hustle and bustle. The noise and the pigeons. The smells of the good and the bad. The diversity. The melting pot of all melting pots.

Non stop ENERGY. This tee is to COMMUNICATE that. To REPRESENT what inspires us. The ENERGY.

What drives your passion?

Stay brill. Stay brilliant New York.

Follow the instagram at: @ds1c

--------------still under construction------------------


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