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DRMTM Clothing 2.0

Dear friends,
me and a friend started our little brand from Germany back in 2006.
We were Influenced by US and asian streetwear culture and wanted to build something in Germany.

With a few years of ups and downs and now being kind of renowned in Germany we feel that we have to evolve with the brand and have to bring it to the next level. When I read about Jeff Staple's opportunity, I thought we could give it a try and break boundries outta Germany into the big world.

Let's see what Mr. Staple can teach us.

Our website http://www.DRMTM.com

Our history
back in 2005 we wanted to started blogging about fashion and streetculture. At that time Hypebeast and Highsnobiety still were on blogspot. We wanted to reflect the worldwide culture and give it to the german audience. We spend days or even weeks of thinking about a name. Then the name DreamTeam Clothing came up along with our slogan it was all a dream. At first we weren't too happy about it but the more we thought about it, the more we loved it. And luckily we could save the domain dreamteamclothing.com.

We had some issues with designing the logo this long name. It just didn't look good. So we had the idea to shorten the the name and got rid of the vowels - the result was DRMTM.
We this shortform we started designing the logo and soon came to the cloud-logo. We used it for 1 or 2 years until we felt that it wasn't clean enough for or future styles. So we redesigned the logo and ended up with our current typography logo... now we want to rework it again. We want to learn and rise with the lessons and share the process.

Our collections so far were pretty much inspired by everything we've experienced and seen through travelling or the world wide web. Our main influences are brands from the states such as Staple, 10 Deep and asian brands like Clot, Subcrew... But now we want to evolve the whole thing and bring the european accent into our line. We hope to get the right leading through Jeff Staple here... we need guidance!

Party & Bullshit
We decided to do a promo tour through Germany in 2011. We called it Party & Bullshit - just like one of our T-Shirt designs.

People from around the globe started sendeng us pictures with their Party & Bullshit t-Shirt or totebag.


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