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Lorraine Z.

graphic design student




Dream of red chamber is a classical Chinese novel which I had read it long time ago,     also watched the movies and TV shows quite a few times in the past,  so I just did a bit of more research and now I am ready to start the project.

Chose letter R was definite as " Redology is the field of study devoted exclusively to this work. But this novel is extreamly complex as it covers almost every field of Chinese society at that time (18th Century of Qing Dynasty), here is my ideation:

The marked words are the one I would like to co operate into the letter, one more import thing is that I feel like this story happed in a BIG MEMSION, so the architecher pattern should be emphasized, so from sketch 1 till sketch 4 are all co operated this element with others, like plum blossom, bamboo, calligraphy strokes. Only sketch 5 that I felt like to have the flowing ribbon feel framed by the carved jade shape. 

So what 's your opinion?

May. 27, 2014

Thanks for the people who has made me to believe that the sketch 3 is the one, so here is the digitised version.

In the begining I would like to have some aged feel, but when I saw most of the book covers of this novel alrealy have all different old look, so I decided to go for simplicity but still have some integrity. The big R has the silk texture which I thought Red silk can play the role of the RED DREAM, it also represents the most 12 female character in the novel.  Then I gave the bamboo plant some old texture  which I would like to look like a Chinese Ink painting, but it is completely digitally done for this project, so it is not really a Chinese ink painting, but my Ai version.

Any suggestions?


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