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Christopher Hastings

Comic Artist, Writer




Hey gang! Here are my pieces for the class asignment, which I made throughout the videos.

Here's the prose and adapted script: Take note that I'm really making sure each panel only asks for what can actually get drawn in one panel. A common pitfall in beginner's comics writing would be something like "Dr. McNinja runs around the corner, and throws his sword, which hits the bog monster, who screams, and then falls down the hole, causing an avalanche, etc" You may discover problems with your script as you draw the comic. And that's okay! In my example, my final page doesn't end up quite how I thought it would when I wrote the script. When I'm writing Adventure Time, I always tell the artist, Zachary that he can adapt the script however he sees fit. Once his artwork is done, I do tweaks on the dialogue to fit.

"You can't keep this up for too much longer, King Radical! I'm a pretty good jogger!" Dr. McNinja sprinted through the caves, following the sounds of King Radical running ahead of him. Without slowing, King Radical shouted back, "Oh we won't have to, Doctor! We're nearly there!" Dr. McNinja's eyes narrowed with determination, and he continued his chase. Finally, the tunnel opened up into a larger cavern, with King Radical standing just inside of it. A strange, glowing chasm stretched even deeper into the earth, just inches from where Radical stood. McNinja stopped, glancing down at the miniature mummy King Radical waggled at him. "I'm sorry, Doctor. But you're too late. All the secret mummies buried under your city are about to get a breath of fresh air." King Radical laughed, then threw the mummy figurine into the chasm. Dr. McNinja considered his options for a second, and then dived past the astonished King, hurling himself into the cavern after the mummy.


PANEL 1) Establishing shot - Cave tunnels. Dr. McNinja is running through them, chasing King Radical. King Radical looks back, happily. He's not too concerned Doc is chasing him.

MCNINJA: You can't keep this up for too much longer, King Radical! I'm a pretty good jogger!

KR: Oh, we won't have to, Doctor! We're nearly there!

PANEL 2) Close up on Dr. McNinja, furrowing his eyes or looking determined or whatever.

PANEL 3) Pull the "camera" out to reveal the tunnel has opened up into a larger cavern, with King Radical standing near a strange chasm. King Radical is holding a miniature mummy out over the chasm.

KR: I'm sorry, Doctor. But you're too late. With this relic in this ancient pit, all the secret mummies buried under your city are about to get a breath of fresh air.

PANEL 4) King Radical happily flings the figurine into the chasm.

PANEL 5) Doc pauses for a sec, horrified.

PANEL 6) Dr. McNinja jumps into the chasm, hurling himself after the mummy. King Radical looks on, shocked.

In the video, you saw that my character sketches are uh... loose, to put it generously. Here I've got some more finished versions of the character design. What's important is just to make sure you know enough about what your characters look like so that they look consistent throughout your comic.

I don't think you need to upload your layouts, since they may be just scribbles to anyone but you, but make sure you save and upload your pencils!

For a lot of comic artists, this is sketchy enough to be considered a layout. Many artists work MUCH tighter than this. But I prefer to do a lot of my actual drawing in the inking stage. That's just how I work, and you might work differently too. Now, to the FINAL PAGE!

You can do your final page in whatever medium you like (including pencil, but if you're going to stick to pencil, make sure you REALLY take advantage of what pencil does. Don't do it just to be lazy about a page that really should get inked). Lettering is optional, and for a lot of beginners, I'd suggest skipping it entirely, as your page should stand on its own, silently. If you look at my example, the words only really add flavor here. You can still get what's going on without them.

I can't wait to see your comics!


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