DOORS - A PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY - student project

I've updated the spread based on feedback received. The title page has remained the same, but I've relabeled images (v. 1) and (v. 2). My updates are <italicized>. Thanks everyone for your feedback!

DOORS - A PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY - image 1 - student project


I wanted to create photo essay of the doors I photographed on a trip to Europe. I used mostly filler text for the layout to focus on the format. I think I mostly kept it "safe" in terms of symmetry, but experimented with some of the fonts in terms of spacing. I chose Avenir as my body & subhead text and Eloquent PRO as header font. The pages are 6x6 (I liked the instructors use of nontraditional print format). 


DOORS - A PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY - image 2 - student project

(v. 2) Based on feedback I took more advantage of white space and minimized the page number sizes so they are hopefully less distracting!

DOORS - A PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY - image 3 - student project

Since it's a short format book, I used the letters in "DOORS" as page numbers. I'm curious if people think that works. 


DOORS - A PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY - image 4 - student project

(v.2) I decided to change the format significantly and I hope the text appears less heavy. 

DOORS - A PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY - image 5 - student project

This spread - pages "O" and "R" have slightly different margins that the spread above. I wonder if I should keep it consistent throughout.  I do like the extra whitespace here.


DOORS - A PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY - image 6 - student project

(v. 2) I noticed some pixellation with my image, so in v.2 I decided to scale the image size and change the cropping. I like how the image almost acts as columns within the overall page design.  If you notice too I left a wide gap between text and image on this page and the previous page. 

DOORS - A PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY - image 7 - student project

The final page I imagine as a place to finish the essay with a conclusion. I look forward to feedback - this is my first spread.