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Hello everyone.

Short introduction: I am Natalja and I am from Switzerland. During the day I pursue my PhD in Chemistry and to have a creative outlet I do all kind of things at night. Like sewing, woodworking, cooking, painting, decorating, pinning, rearranging our furniture, ... And now apparantly handlettering! I have (almost) no experience, so be nice with me! I would like to start sharing my progress now and would be grateful to any feedback from the community.

So what I obviously started with was to build a lightbox (procrastinating, anyone?)

And then I rewatched the videos, made dinner, played with my dog, sharpened all my pencils, you get it.

As it was time for bed I started.

The sentence I chose for the project is: DON'T FORGET TO BE AWESOME.

It will be a print for our hallway and fits us perfectly (us is my boyfriend and I, btw). 

So as Mary Kate asks us to, I wrote down all the words that came to my mind when I read the sentence (out loud). Voilà:

And as the last exercise of the first lesson, please take a look at my moodboard. I gathered fonts that I like and old packaging designs with pretty lettering or layouts. 

In my search for inspiration, I took the list above and searched for images or fonts that had the feel and colors I am going for. I am pretty content with what I came up with, but see for yourself:

The whole set can also be seen on my Pinterest board here (if anyone's interested).

Well that is the first lesson, I am quite happy with what I came up with and also that I finally started my project. And now it's really time for bed.


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