Target Audience:

College Students




Luxury cars are sold at yacht shows.





"God Bless The Child"
Money you've got lots of friends
They're crowding around your door
But when you're gone and spending ends
They don't come no more

"The people at MAC and Starbucks know my name by heart now. My two worst addictions, makeup and coffee."

“Never let the truth spoil a good story.”

"There is a beast in every man and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzI9v_B4sxw


About 99,8% of us have deleted a Facebook status only because nobody liked it.

'You are basically shaping his or hers formative years by the schooling environment you donate to."


Help Ink is a collaborative project, using the sale of premium and exclusive art to help charities in an exciting way.

"You couldn't be here with a little incest - actually quite a lot of incest" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhtgINeaJWg&feature=youtube_gdata_player

"Once you get beyond rudimentary cognitive skill - Rewards don't work that way" "Higher incentives led to worse performance"
"For simple straight forward tasks, carrot incentives work"
"When a task requires more creative thinking, carrot incentives don't work"

"Other people can tickle you because they can surprise you. You can't predict what their tickling actions will be."




THE POWER OF DOING NOTHING: Get students to think about what it means to do nothing for the Guatemala kids by getting their parents or friends to do nothing for them.

FULL RETARD NOT COOL: Students bringing back their parents hipster analog-esque ways is cool. Guatemala kids who don't have pencils is not cool. Get students to stop Guatemala kids from being full retard cool by highlighting the kids in a over the top parody being uber full retard hipster cool by their disregard of modern technology like the pencil.

DONATE TILL YOUR DROP: Helping education in Guatemala through donating is like shopping and just like shopping which is still best experienced socially, so should donating be. Create a donating experience, by where students are encouraged to go donate socially together.

POPPING SOME POP: Students are tired, in continuos need of Starbucks and or Redbull. Starbucks provides a personalized novel experience. Redbull offers a world of different sub-cultures. What if we could bring elements of extreme personalization through POP to energize students.

FAMILY FIRST HELP YOUR COUSIN: Get students to sympathize with Guatemala kids by exploring the fact that they are distant cousins of these kids and provoking the question would they let there first cousin be void of pencils.

SELF DIRECTED: Students have a pain point around discussing their self direction with helicopter type parents. Turn POP donation into a symbolic behaviour of maturity for students to fuel their own self direction and conviction.

BLACK BELT DONATOR: Incentivize students to become master black belt donators through helping educate Guatemala kids.

CONTEXTUAL DONATION BASING: Communicate POP within high value purchase student environments, getting students to loose the financial stigma around a $25 donation.

GUATEMALA WILL TAKE YOUR TEACHERS: Get students to appreciate the lack of education in Guatemala through communicating their willingness to take the lowest performing teachers from the USA.

GIFT WRAPPED: The story one tells themselves can be more valuable than the prescribed one. Using the probable fact that no foreign students from Guatemala have ever enrolled into their college. Change the focus of donation to the story of higher eduction for Guatemala kids.

RUNNING FOR POP PRESIDENT: When a person publicly announces an intension, the likelihood of them completing the act increases exponentially. Get students to socially claim they will donate to POP.

MEMORY LOSS: Create analogous communication around binge drinking & memory loss campus conversation where Guatemala kids also don't remember last week's class but because they don't have pencils or classrooms.

FREE HOUSE WITH EVERY HOME LOAN: POP gives away intrinsic rewards for donations. Free good night sleep.

HEY GOOD LOOKING: Doing good makes you feel good, feeling good makes you look good. POP is great for the opposite sex.

NO NUMBERS: Students are good at assigning value to things through emotion. Donate $25 worth of laughs.

HIJACKING CONFIDENCE: Enable male students to confidently approach female students, armed with a POP donation proposal. Using POP as a means to an ends.

CLIMAX: Capitalizing on the cyclical exam calendar of students, align Guatemala exams with college exams creating a sense of camaraderie between Guatemala kids struggling with their own studies & those of the donated students.

POP PERSONIFICATION: People gravitate to causes that have a face. Source a DJ to create custom mixes that use Guatemala kids voices. Creating original content that can be accessed through donation and or previewed to capture personal interest.

TRY TO RELATE: Get students to enroll into a class that mimics Guatemala's deprived education environment.

HELP US HELP YOU: College Students want to look good on paper for prospective employers. Get the top national college employers to recognize charitable donation as favorable employee trait.

GUATEMALA CRISIS: People talk when there's a crisis, fake a Guatemala education crisis.

GOING TO WAR: College students need the 1% in this POP story. Local government has failed the Guatemala kids. Turn the focus on beating local government incompetence through donation.

PARTY FOR POP: Enable college students to do what they do best for POP. Social events tied to POP donations. Cause these kids need me to be merry.

ONE IS THE LONELIEST NUMBER: Students hate being by themselves, use Guatemala kids as virtual friends for a day. Helping loneliness through donation.

POP MOVIE: $25 iTunes voucher is an existing student behavioural purchase. Get students to briefly replace their iTunes addiction for a POP Vimeo documentary.

GAME POP: Students hunger for the feeling of competence, growing their intellectual confidence. Create a simple barrier to entry, a mental challenge for students to complete.

DIRECTIONAL DONATION: Students don't always know what they want to do with their lives, they are in search of meaning. Let students know what archetype donator they are through POP donations. Personalizing the POP process such that students discovery innate self character traits.

MY STORY TOLD BY MY DONATION KID: What if we could help students tell a story about themselves through POP. Commission Guatemala kids to write their autobiography when graduated from school.


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