Two among many processes to tidy up:

1 - My daily activities :

Personal life activities - Agenda : Set priorities is a big problem.

Problems : Disorganized financial life with lots of bills that arrives in many addresses because I work also in another state. Sometimes I spend many hours paying this bills in the bankline manually as many cannot be in automatic debt in the bank. Many times I never reach the bill, so I have to call the provider to ask him to send me the bill by email. Also I do not have a cash flow program to manage all the accounts.

Action to solve: This weekend I downloaded a financial app MoneyWiz and delegated the task of listing the bills to a person. I will set reminders so that I do not get lost. In Brazil I could not find a plataform software that aggregates banks, energy providers, etc .

Problem 2 :  Another Work project . I have a number of conflicting  priorities, activities on any given day , yet there are many travel interuptions. that do not leave time for me to work on my project, which should be my main priority now. I notice that stupid activities like grocery shopping steal a lot of my time.

Action : I made a subscription on Idonethis.com to try to keep track of my activities in order to try to figure out what to do. Also I am using a new personal calendar, but I  think I need a calendar or a productivity app to start keeping track of my activities related to the project. These activies need  to be documented in order that I do not have to  start every day doing activities  from memory and scratch.

Problem 3     My workout program doesn't exist anymore.

I used to workout : walking  or playing volleyball are the only activities that I like. However lately I always tell myself I have lots of things to do, therefore have no time to workout.  Seldon I decide to go. When it occurs I feel tired, I do not feel like going. I would rather watch a movie or hang out to relax.

Action: I have done nothing abou it and have no idea of what to do. It's been really difficult to leave this kind of "confort zone"I am stuck


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