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DMRP - Don't let Your Mind Rob your Potential

FREEDOM...Your abillity to DREAM.

We have a yearning within us, we're here for a reason? We're meant for more? This is POTENTIAL. That longing and searching is when we haven't realised it yet....ONCE YOU HAVE, the power to achieve is limitless.

DMRP – DON’T LET YOUR MIND ROB YOUR POTENTIAL aims to encourage and motivate a prosperous life and instil the belief of discovering one’s full potential and it’s unlimited power.

DMRP is just that. YOUR look, YOUR brand, YOUR swagg that you've been searching for that shouts YOU! Difference between you being a chameleon and another ordinary amongst other brands. 

Our designs are unorthodox in their own right ie the quilted crews, scoop tail raglans and mesh neckline tanks. Whacked designs yet still true to the current trends. DMRP aim to NEVER disappoint and you'll see why



Aligned with the theme of our designs we followed through with this concept.

People are not dumb, uneducated and dreamless. Everyone that hops on a street clothing site has no doubt got dress sense or some sort of creative streak or looking to relate. They'd have to be. Street clothing/culture is creative, colourful, artistic and a birthing place for the most creative people that mould society today.

DMRP would document inspiring, crazy, real stories that come from none other than the 'street'. We'll be responsible for introducing the Quincey Jones', the Michael Jordans, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown's, mate even the Mozart's and Helen Kellers to the world.


Street can be anywhere in the world. One's backyard regardless of where it is.


There are amazing and OUT OF IT lives and victories to be shared, felt and heard. DMRP is on the scope of tracking these elite potential doers for their stories.

Televised on Karmaloop T.V. showing 2-3 minute doco's every ie week/fornight/month. Collaborating with other businesses such as hotels, building, shoe, health, clothing, food companies. DMRP with the abovementioned, will bring these hopes and aspiriations to fruition by helping them with maybe a recording session with a famous recording artist, or a providing a dope place for an exhibition for their artwork the list goes on.

Every 6 months a special doco for revisits. The point for the revisited episodes of aspiring artists is to see how far they've come and to remind viewers of DMRP's hand in introducing the talent to the world, providing that reminder and continuous exposure.


We hunt down not just any story but life changing, inspiring 'stars a born' stories. By way of videos or short doco's. We attract the stories through all social media sites Facebook, Instgram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. Karmaloop T.V., stores, stickers/posters mounted on public toilets, train stations in the 'street'. The reward is to share their story , exposure and DMRP with the collab of other business owners, will give back (depending on the story) ie fulfilling the dream or empowering it by offering further advancement/'hook ups'.

All participants will be shown wearing DMRP gear during the doco. Should the participant become hugely famous we have footage of them wearing our gears, powerful for not only the 'NOW' but  also for the future as fashion always repeats itself espcially if he or she becomes an icon of this era. 

TARGET MARKET: All walks of life tattooists, graffiti artists, sports achievers, BB dunkers to name a few bearing in mind the street is anywhere and everywhere so there'll be stories that'll blow your mind. from all over the world. These stories will undoubtedly attract a varied audience not necessarily only the youth, people from the States or the U.K.

Due to the hard times of this age ie government, war, terrorism, environmental issues, increase in poverty, suicide etc. To survive as a people we need to be inspired and we need to be reminded that we can't talk ourselves out of being everything we're destined to be regardless of race, demographics, religion, upbringing, culture. 


Budget should be minimal with Social Media doing all the work. The only costs would be Point of Sale - posters, street, car, surfboard, skate, snowboarding stickers. The option is there for a billboard approximate cost $5k-$10k. And web and social media maintenance. Dependant on the doco itself the other cost will be to help achieve the participants dream. This can be rectified through solid celebrity dealings and contacts from the past.


To attract all races, religions, demographics, ages, cultures, all genres in fashion, music and art. People that have never heard of fashion, art and design like 3rd world countries that have the opporutnity to hear about this through teachers, doctors, tutors and volunteers...GO BEYOND GLOBAL..D.M.R.P because that's what potential does. 



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