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DJ Shadow, March 1st, Social club - Paris, France

Post 11: 2.26.13

Here is a link to a larger jpg

So I went ahead with seperations, Here is the final outcome along with the seperations.I used the same 4 colors as previous post. I did lose some off colors from the previous post from bad file management but overall I am happy with it.


Post 10: 2.23.13

I stuck with these colors, I think its as far as I can take it without any help. It still needs to be halftoned, cleaned up, and seperated.

Here are some textures I used. 3 ink waskes, a photo from a mall display, ink on styrofoam. I did a quick comparison of the bitmap settings

1. Diffusion Dither

2. Regular image

3. Halftones

Post 9: 2.22.13

Trial and error at this point...

Post 8: 2.21.13

So I am trying to clean up my file and get a better understanding for colors. I thought I should share this because it helped me understand the spectrum of colors I can get from 1-Color Paper, and 4-Color Inks. So in reality its 5 colors. I approached it like mixing paint swatches... I created a swatch, did a simple black to white gradient seperately. I bitmapped and halftoned the gradient, pasted in as a channel. Made the selection, filled with swatch color and overlapped them. Heres the result of colors, remember I am not commited to these but an expirement. Keep in mind this totally changes when overlapped color and transparent inks comes into play. 

Post 7: 2.21.13

Some progress untill later in the weekend, trying to figure out this texture thing.

Post 6: 2.20.13

Heres where I am going with my typography. The poster color and textures are unresolved but I wanted to move on with my type. The name and date are from a custom type and the address is from a font since it was so much info. Any thoughts on the font or placement? Thanks!

Post 5: 2.19.13

Made a dent in some progress tonight. Ever since Art school I have always been a little over ambitious and I am afraid nothing has changed.I hope I will be able to finish this. Not sold on the color but once its complete I can tweek it. Went with vector outlines because I was too lazy to buy paper and clean the lightbox, fun experience. Anyways heres the samples...

Still experimenting with the moon, floating blocks. and havent explored textures yet.


Post 4: 2.18.13

I re-drafted to a larger scale and added some more details.It still needs some tweeking and shifting but I feel its getting close. From here I will use my lightbox to transfer and ink. Until then I will need to decide my value patterns, textures, colors, and type.

 Reference images: Kilian Eng uses light line, dark fills and saturated color. Kevin Tong uses gradient to emphasize shape silhouette and then details and mixes layers of color to get many values from just a few overlapped screenprinted colors.



Post 3: 2.16.13

I chose to go with the image of the closeup of the buildings/Rooftops. Heres a 1/4 size rough with more detail and some quick value...


Post 2: 2.13.13

After some sketching I realized what direction this project was going. I have combined the venue location, culture, and DJ Shadows futuristic style to guide me through this process. Like everyone else I had a million ideas. It wasnt until I put that pencil on that paper I was able to understand my limitations as an artist. I tried to create solutions to the visual and aesthetic problems my ideas had. Professor Michelon once told me you should always go with the most clear image you can picture in your head, meaning to not try to get too complex and create an image you struggle to visualize. Cheers! 

Reference images: DJ Shadows newest album cover, French comic book futuristic city, Parisian rooftops. Not shown is the Orb DJ Shadow performs in.


-Overhead view of Paris, type is on the street level

-DJ Shadow performing in his orb while hovering over the city, type on buildings

-Detail of futuristic Parisian rooftops with strong angles, Eiffel tower in BG, type below.

-Shadows orb on ground level with a tricky play on perspective that levels out int BG, type in orb shadow.

-Overview of Paris and type on buildings.

Reference images: Type with line gradients to look like vinyl record, Dead Hisrtoy font.

Type Sketches: Playing around with angles and added elements, used Dead history as the base structure and mixed in some angles inspired by Matrix font by Emigre. Still an afterthought until my illustration is further developed.

 Thanks for the comments, criticism, Likes?, and fresh outside perpective on my work.

"We are all in this together against the worl, so why not help eachother out?" - Joe Sorren


POST 1: 2.10.13

The venue looks like something straight from tron or metal gear solid(training missions?)

Im thinking maybe some custom avante garde type with some illustration of fragmented futuristic cityscape and france cityscapes. Maybe something like Brazil/5th element/metropolis, Still a distant thought.


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