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DJ Loudd

After trying several different layouts, I've finally settled on something I like. I was ALMOST ready to abandon the idea entirely and start over after several hours of dead ends, but I managed to find a layout that is a good starting point. I really like the layered look at the bottom (where the crowd is) and want to see if I can incorporate more of that kind of thing into the top/sides as well. I'm also still not 100% on the colors and have been trying some different things out, but again I think this is a very good starting point.


Normally I would never sketch something on physical paper, but I decided to make an exception and trust the instructor. As you can see, my drawing skills are pretty awful but it gets the point across.

I want to try to capture the feeling of being at a crowded concert with the bass pumping, the lights blaring, and a DJ on stage making the crowd come alive. I picture extremely bright lights facing the crowd making everything on stage and the crowd in front nothing but dark silhouettes. I tried sketching out some different layouts for the stuff on stage. I prefer the look of the exaggerated proportions for the speakers in the bottom sketch and the way they tilt to draw your focus a bit.


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