Florent Larronde

graphic designer - Bordeaux - France



DJ Dirty Swift portrait - long exposure

This picture is about a french DJ - he plays manly Hip hop. 

So i wanted him to draw like a light graffiti with his cell phone. The long exposure allowed me to make him move and blend differents moments during the drawing.

To increase the hip hop effect i used a wide angle, the fish eye would have been a great option too, but i think it's too "déjà vu" for me.

Lucky me we had a car passy by in the background so i have this nice red and yellow lines on the background, without this i think it would have been too flat, so thanks to this guy who lost himslef in a desertic area during the night i can show you this picutre. 

I tried differents composition and movments with the long exposure technique during this photo shoot, hope to show you some more. 

Best, Florent.

here there is some more  ^-^ from DJ dirty swift

and other artists i been working with. 







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