Colette Kimon

Jewelry Designer, I find crafting very relaxing.



DIY easy bead pendant / necklace. Create a pendant with only a few materials

This class is aimed at anyone with basic wire wrapping experience. This is an easy project for the jewelry making beginner.  With only a few materials, create a beautiful pendant that you will be proud to wear. While doing that, learn a new wire weaving technique that you can apply to other projects.

What you will need for this class: 


  • 6.5 inches of 20 gauge copper wire, German style wire, craft wire or silver wire
  • 25 inches of 26 gauge copper wire, German style wire, craft wire or silver wire
  • 1 tear drop shaped bead about 11 to 15 mm in size



  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Flush cutter
  • A metal file
  • a pen,pencil or screw driver to be used to shape the bail.
  • A ruler 

click here for project outline 

Click here for Intro video : Feedback and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 

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