DIY Writing Project


My name is Valerie. I was born and raised in Texas and yet I'm still not use to the heat. I live with my boyfriend, John, and our three dogs: Boyboy, Belle, and Lana all of whom were rescued from our local shelter and now spend their days begging for belly rubs and taking naps. I work in TV, in the sales department to be exact, but as an introvert my work is behind the scenes doing design and the administrative aspects of the job. 

I am an avid reader so I could never in a million years name my all-time-favorite book. However, a couple of years ago I stumbled upon this young adult novel called: The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender (by Leslye Walton) and I was completely blown away by it. It was strange and beautiful and haunting and nothing like I would expect from a YA novel. My guilty pleasure has always been YA but I have a deep appreciation for those writers who don't dumb down their language or character's emotions for their audience. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows... is one of those books. Each character is explained and is a part of the multi-generational story. It's quirky and fun but it talks of love in all its forms. The love between parents and children, the love between siblings, the love between your first crush and your life-partner, and even the bad kind of love - the dangerous kind of love. It was like a book I had never read before, transcending all genres, and yet still being able to take hold of you and keep you invested. If you're looking for something that is the literary equivalent of the movie Big Fish then this book has your name on it. 


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